Work Continuously Continues for Mersin 4th Ring Road

The works for the myrns around the road continue uninterruptedly
The works for the myrns around the road continue uninterruptedly

The teams are working non-stop for the 4th Ring Road, which has an important place in the road construction works carried out by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for the needs of the city.

The teams of the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department are working non-stop for the project, which covers the part between Governor Hüseyin Aksoy Caddesi-İsmet İnönü Boulevard and the part between 32nd Street-Nevit Kodallı Caddesi and has a total length of 1550 meters. Within the scope of the project, where Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer also examined the field work, the culvert excavation works and the panel production of the 2 thousand 800 square meters of earthenware structure were completed.

"4. Our Ring Road work is a prototype "

Mayor Seçer, who made two examinations in the area of ​​the 4th Ring Road, stated that the project will be a prototype of other works to be carried out, saying, Our new construction site in total on the Ring Road is 4 meters. At 950 meters, it is in the part between Governor Hüseyin Aksoy Avenue and İsmet İnönü Boulevard. So we started a route of 600 meters in total. We will complete this route in 1550. This is our work on a 2021-meter-wide road. "It is a prototype between all the outbuildings and the boulevards we will open next, with its finely arranged, calculated, sidewalk, infrastructure, walking and bicycle paths."

Transportation will be shorter

The manufacturing works of the 17 × 32 culvert of 950 meters to be made within the scope of the road arrangement and art structure works on the 37.82-meter part of the 8th Street between 5nd Street and Nevit Kodallı Street has started. In the project, 128.12 × 5 boxes of 3 meters long and 37 × 3 boxes of 3 meters long will be made. On the same route, the construction of a 240-meter-long earth wall and a 120-meter-long reinforced concrete wall will also be completed. When the studies are completed, access to Mersin University Faculty of Medicine and important main arteries will be easier and in a shorter time.

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