Mercedes Recalls 1 Million Cars

mercedes recalls million cars
mercedes recalls million cars

📩 15/02/2021 11:25

Mercedes, one of the world's leading automobile organizations, has decided to recall 1 million cars. The reason for the error in a system used in emergency situations was shown for the recall in question. With the system called eCall, emergency support was provided to automobile drivers in emergency situations.

With the eCall system, the location of an accident vehicle was determined and the location was sent to the emergency teams. However, it was determined that the wrong location could be sent in case of emergency due to the bug discovered. This means that the accident site cannot be reached in an emergency.

Which models are Mercedes recalling

Mercedes-Benz recalled around 1 million 290 thousand models in the USA due to a technical error. It was determined that the error that caused the wrong position to be transmitted was in models produced between 2016 and 2021. The names of the models were explained as follows;

  • CLA
  • GLA
  • GLE
  • UPS
  • SLC
  • A
  • GT
  • C
  • E
  • S
  • CLS
  • SL
  • B
  • GLB
  • GLC
  • G

Mercedes announced that there was no material damage or personal injury due to the error. It was stated that the software update will be done at the dealer or to the vehicle where it is. It is stated that the vehicle will easily receive the update by having a data connection. Mercedes announced that the recall process will also begin on April 6.

The technical cause of the software failure was also disclosed. It was stated that the transition of the power supply of the communication module to a passive state due to a collision may lead to incorrect location determination in case of a possible accident. However, it was reported that there were no problems for the other functions of the automatic and manual emergency call function.

It was noted that Mercedes made a research in 2019 that it provided the wrong location in the eCall system for Europe.


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