Mavişehir Coastal Rehabilitation Project Continues

Mavisehir coastal rehabilitation project continues
Mavisehir coastal rehabilitation project continues

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams are working hard to complete the Coastal Rehabilitation Project, which will put an end to the floods in Mavişehir due to the rise of sea level, before the deadline. The project, which was implemented with an investment of 38,4 million lira, is aimed to be completed before July.

The Coastal Rehabilitation Project, which was initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to prevent floods in Mavişehir, which is below sea level, especially when the sea rises, continues. A significant part of the work carried out by the Department of Science Affairs on the 2-kilometer coastal line, which starts from Deniz Kent Restaurant near Peynircioğlu Stream and includes the Mavi Ada region towards the north, has been completed in a short time. One thousand 4 meters of the 2 meters of in-water concrete made 70 meters below the ground in order to prevent flooding that may occur due to sea water swelling and sea water passage under the ground, has been completed. 70 meters of the 850-meter rock fortification arrangement was built in the front part. 500 percent of the work has been completed by starting the excavation work of the 80-meter submerged breakwater that will prevent the wave with the production of the chronman concrete on the water concrete. The work, which is planned to be completed in July 40, is aimed to be completed before the deadline.

Sea water will be blocked

The reconstructed rock fortification at the front will protect the area from the wave effect. The rock fortifications will be approximately 1,5 meters above sea level. In addition, 750 meters of the 540-meter-long rainwater line was completed to collect the rainwater in residential areas. The collected water will be discharged to the sea through the pumps in the current pumping station. Within the scope of the project, there will be a 55-meter sea ladder and an in-water classroom where children will get to know the birds to strengthen the connection of citizens with the sea. This area will also be used for artistic events. The works will cost 38,4 million lira.

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