Maneuver Train Crashed by Worker Service Who Wanted to Pass the Rails While the Gate was Closed

maneuver train crashed into the worker service who wanted to cross the rails while the pass was closed
Photo: Çerkezköy Glance

📩 23/02/2021 14:37

ÇerkezköyAt the level crossing, the maneuver train crashed into the service van. In the accident, the absence of passengers in the minibus prevented a possible disaster. Mehmet Akif Koç, the injured train maneuver, was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The accident occurred at the level crossing just behind the Police Headquarters in Istasyon District. The level crossing was closed with a barrier before the train passed. Allegedly, the maneuver train under the direction of mechanic Ömer Taş hit the minibus with plate 59 S 2034 under the direction of Osman Kısacıkoğlu, who wanted to cross over the rails to the opposite side. Those who saw the accident immediately reported the situation to the police, fire brigade and medical teams.

After the accident, the minibus was damaged to a large extent, and it prevented a possible disaster, except for the driver. In the accident, train maneuverer Mehmet Akif Koç was injured. After the first intervention of the medical teams, Koç with an ambulance Çerkezköy He was taken to the State Hospital and treated.

The investigation initiated by the police on the incident continues.

Source: Çerkezköy Glance

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