IMM Collects Garbage for Public Health in Maltepe

ibb collecting batons for public health in maltepe
ibb collecting batons for public health in maltepe

📩 28/02/2021 11:17

Due to the strike in Maltepe Municipality, many citizens have submitted complaints to IMM about cleaning and not collecting garbage. Considering that public health and living in a balanced environment is a constitutional right, IMM started collecting garbage in the district.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) provides equal service to the residents of 39 district municipalities without discrimination. Recently, many citizens from Maltepe district complained about the negativities experienced in cleaning and garbage collection and requested help from IMM.

Due to the vital importance of sanitation conditions during the pandemic period, it is not possible for IMM to remain indifferent to these complaints in terms of public health. For this reason, while respecting the right to strike, the elements that threaten the public health in Maltepe are collected through İSTAÇ, a subsidiary of IMM.

According to the 56th article of the Constitution; "Everyone has the right to live in a healthy and balanced environment." It is the duty of the state and citizens to improve the environment, protect environmental health and prevent environmental pollution. The provisions in the Constitution are not recommendations to the state and the citizen, but are the highest hierarchical rules that must be complied with and subject to sanctions.

The general authority to protect the environment within the boundaries of the metropolitan municipality has been given to the Metropolitan Municipality in accordance with Article 5216 (i) of the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 7.

Again, various articles of the Sanitation Law No. 1593 authorize municipalities to protect the environment and public health. In this context; Since they are not collected in Maltepe district due to a strike, the main arteries and squares under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality are primarily contributed to the collection of garbage that harms environmental health and has the risk of epidemic reproduction and spread.

It is not possible for some circles to accept the 'striker' approach to IMM under the conditions of the epidemic environment we are in. As the IMM family, we return this attribution to the owners of the say. As IMM, we continue to negotiate with the relevant institution for Maltepe Municipality to get the wages that cleaning workers deserve. Our desire is to end this strike as soon as possible to the satisfaction of the parties.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will continue to strongly intervene in the problems that concern the general public, regardless of district or party.

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