Road Expansion Works Continue in Malatya Station Street

Road expansion works are in progress on Malatya station street
Road expansion works are in progress on Malatya station street

📩 15/02/2021 16:11

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on alternative roads and road widening to reduce traffic congestion across Malatya. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan stated that the works are continuing to reduce the density of Malatya traffic and made examinations on İstasyon Street where road expansion works were carried out.

Road and Infrastructure Coordination Department teams continue their road expansion works on Istasyon Street, where Malatya has heavy vehicle traffic. The teams continuing to expand the road along the Police Department, MTU Training and Research Hospital and Station Crossroads aim to reduce the traffic density by 40 percent with the completion of the works.


Providing information about the expansion works on İstasyon Street, Head of Road and Infrastructure Coordination Department Mehmet Mert said, “We continue our work in the area where the Police Department is located. In our previous works, Ana Yurt Boulevard, like the street we have built on the Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard in a way of coming and going, has also relieved that region. Before our work, we planned our works in the region where the State Hospital is located, as the road where our biggest problem is traffic congestion, 1 arrival and 1 departure to İstasyon Street, 3 departures, 3 exit and return to the ring road. We are working on the expansion of İstasyon Street in order to eliminate the heavy traffic problem especially in the evening hours. I hope the traffic density will be relaxed by 40 percent and 50 percent after our expansion is completed ”.


Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who examined the expansion works carried out by the Road and Infrastructure Coordination Department teams on İstasyon Street, said that they will ensure a healthy and normal flow of traffic after the expansion works. Mayor Gürkan said, “As an alternative to the existing road, which is both an international road and an intercity road on the East-West axis, which is the only artery, when opening the Main Yurt Boulevard, especially in front of the hospital and the Police Department, the State Railways and Sivas Road connection are from Station Street. there was congestion in traffic. Especially after Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard, which is just at the exit of the Main Yurt Boulevard, was structured in the form of 4 arrivals and 4 departures, a new planning was made in the area where the works were carried out in the area where the works were carried out by the State Railways. Our friends are in an intense work at the point of connecting the road to the main axle as a 2-artel road and the same as a 2-artel road. In the agreement with the State Railways, when we add 4 additional lanes in that region, the axis of the 4-lane road will be completed. Currently, the daily vehicle circulation here is around 2 thousand vehicles, 4 thousand arrivals and 4 thousand departures, in normal times. Our friends have brought their work to a certain level at the point of ensuring the flow of 40 thousand vehicles from the main axle to the Main Yurt Boulevard and connecting it to the main axis, namely Istasyon Street. At the end of the next week, these studies are completed, and the traffic flow here is provided to be healthy and normal. In this sense, I think that our work will be important in terms of both safety, timely arrival of the vehicles and vehicle travel comfort. I hope this work will be beneficial and auspicious for our Malatya. I would like to thank our related Departments and staff members who carried out the works ”.

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