Importance of Port Railway Connections

the importance of port railway connections
the importance of port railway connections

📩 16/02/2021 15:22

Product costs must be low in order for Turkish Industrialists to compete with the world. The factors affecting the product cost are not limited to the costs within the production facility. We have no chance to compete with foreign countries in the industry without reducing shipping costs. The way to reduce the cost of transport is by rail rather than rubber-wheeled transport. Rail transport should be preferred because it is faster and safer.

We still have many ports that do not have a railway connection. The absence of railway connections at our ports negatively affects port efficiencies. The railway connection of Haydarpaşa port, which previously had a railway connection, was also cut.

Is rail transport only necessary for industry? Of course no. Tanks and military vehicles can be transported quickly by rail. Another advantage of railways is that damaged railway lines can be activated quickly after natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Why Is Port Railway Connection Important?

  • The loading and unloading speed of the ports will increase.
  • Shipping costs will be reduced.
  • The amount of intermediate stock and stock to be made in the port area will be reduced.
  • Intermediate shipments will be reduced if the railroad is brought up to the dock.
  • There will be no need for a truck parking area.
  • The environmental damage caused by wheeled vehicles will be reduced.
  • Damage caused by wheeled vehicles to the highway will be reduced.
  • As the truck-trailer traffic will decrease on the road, possible traffic accidents will decrease.
  • The negative impact of the port loading and unloading will be prevented due to the restrictions applied to heavy vehicles at certain hours on main roads.
  • Since the railway is less affected by bad weather conditions (such as the closure of highways in winter conditions), the evacuation work will continue.
  • Since there will be less people in the port area, the risk of possible accident will be reduced.

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