Skiing in Ladik Akdağ

Enjoy skiing in ladik akdag
Enjoy skiing in ladik akdag

📩 22/02/2021 16:22

Although interest in Akdağ Ski Center, one of the important addresses of winter tourism, was less than last year, due to the pandemic, ski lovers enjoyed sports, entertainment and adrenaline under the unique landscape.

Akdağ Ski Center, one of the most important ski centers of the Central Black Sea Region, is covered with a white cover with snowfall that has been effective since the beginning of the week. Akdağ Ski Center, which is 84 kilometers from Samsun city center, 24 kilometers from Samsun-Ankara highway and 7 kilometers from the district center, became the center of attention of ski lovers with its 1400 meters of track and 1360 meters of chair lift. The center, where skiing is performed at an altitude of 1500-1770 meters, has attracted the attention of citizens in these days when snowfall is effective.

Taking advantage of the interruption of face-to-face education in schools due to the coronavirus epidemic, students would have their snow cravings at Akdağ Ski Center. Many citizens coming from Samsun center and districts and provinces in the region enjoyed sports, entertainment and adrenaline. The families, children and skiers who came to the facility experienced the excitement of skiing from the mountain peaks.

Citizens who came to the ski center individually and as a group experienced adrenaline by sliding down the hill with the sleds they usually rented from the facility. Stating that they always come to Akdağ every winter, the citizens thanked those who contributed to the construction of the facility and expressed that skiing in the snow takes people away from the stress of daily life.

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