Pandemic Control in Kocaeli Private Public Buses

pandemic control in Kocaeli private public buses
pandemic control in Kocaeli private public buses

📩 15/02/2021 12:08

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality conducts inspections to see whether the decisions and measures taken throughout the country within the scope of combating Corona virus (Covid-19) are implemented. In this context, the Department of Transportation carried out inspections for private public buses.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which takes all measures against the Covid-19 epidemic, which has its effect all over the world, conducts inspections to see whether the decisions taken by the Scientific Committee and the Provincial Hygiene Board are implemented while working against the epidemic. Decisions taken on public transportation since the beginning of the epidemic are also meticulously implemented and supervised by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department.


Periodic inspections are continuing throughout Kocaeli by the teams of the Department of Transportation. In the audits carried out, it is primarily checked whether the measures taken are followed or not. In order to reduce the risk of contamination and to ensure that people who are diagnosed with the disease are identified and subject to isolation, travel cards with HES Code defined in public transportation vehicles, compliance with in-vehicle passenger capacity, masks and distance rules are also checked. At the same time, the compliance with the route rules and regulations are also supervised by the teams.


Necessary explanations are made to drivers and citizens regarding compliance with the rules when deemed necessary during the inspections. Actions are taken for the detected incompatibilities according to the regulations. In order to successfully pass the sensitive period we are in, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams will continue their activities without interruption.

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