Support from MEVKA for KMU's Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicle Project

Support for the environmentally friendly electric vehicle project of kmu
Support for the environmentally friendly electric vehicle project of kmu

📩 02/02/2021 11:59

Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University Technical Sciences Vocational School (KMU TBMYO) will be supported by the Mevlana Development Agency (MEVKA), the project titled “Improving the Electric Vehicle Test, Repair and Maintenance Skills of Higher Education Students in Karaman Province”.

The project, which is prepared by TBMYO Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies Department Automotive Technology Program academic staff and is entitled to be supported within the scope of MEVKA 2020 Financial Support Program, envisages a financial support of approximately 1 million TL.

Electric Vehicle Training Classes and Simulation Workshops Will Be Established

Within the scope of the project, special classes and simulation workshops will be established in Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University Technical Sciences Vocational School to provide electric vehicle training.

The widespread use of hybrid and electric vehicles in our country and the world day by day and the fact that these vehicles reach a serious economic value in the automobile industry have already mobilized many areas, especially the training of technical personnel in maintenance and repair.

Air pollution and environmental problems caused by other vehicles due to harmful exhaust emissions, the limitation of fossil fuels and the increasing number of vehicles in the world have prompted manufacturers to search for new. To solve these problems, vehicles with internal combustion engines are expected to be replaced by hybrid and electric vehicles in the near future. While many countries of the world support the production and use of these vehicles, it is planned to start mass production of electric vehicles at the end of 2022 within the scope of the domestic and national automobile project in our country. Thus, in parallel with sectoral developments, the importance of trained and educated manpower on electric vehicles is also revealed.

Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University immediately started its studies to train expert staff that will be needed in the near future. The project, aimed at improving the electric vehicle testing, repair and maintenance skills of university students, aims to meet the qualified human need required by electric cars.

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