Kayseri Transportation Inc. Didn't Cause Coronavirus

Kayseri Ulasim did not give way to coronavirus
Kayseri Ulasim did not give way to coronavirus

📩 23/02/2021 14:47

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which has meticulously implemented its activities to combat the epidemic since the first day of the pandemic, both passengers and Transportation Inc. With many measures taken for the safety of its personnel, it did not cause coronavirus.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to make a name for itself with exemplary measures in order to ensure safe transportation in the city. Since the first day of the pandemic, Büyükşehir Belediyesi Transportation A.Ş. It took the necessary precautions for the safety of employees and passengers as quickly as possible.

In this context, along with the implementation of the decisions taken by the Provincial Sanitation Board, comprehensive studies on cleaning and hygiene were carried out, disinfectant dispensaries were installed in all rail system stations and buses, standing passenger capacities were reduced and standing passengers were not taken for a period according to the pandemic level. In addition to the passenger seating arrangements in the seats, measures such as social distance labeling on the vehicle floors, the introduction of audio and visual passenger notifications in the vehicle and at the stations were taken.


Mandatory Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application in public transportation vehicles implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality for the fight against coronavirus and the safety of passengers was also one of the important steps taken in the fight against the pandemic. He said application life-permeable first municipalities in Kayseri in Turkey Metropolitan Municipality, at the point to prevent the virus outbreak to pandemic period choir performing in the most effective interventions, were not allowed to use people's public transport determined to be risky.


Kayseri Transportation Inc. It took many measures to protect its employees from coronavirus as well as passengers. While all personnel are informed about the epidemic by the institution doctor, Kayseri Transportation A.Ş. and the driver's cabs of private public bus drivers were insulated with plastic visors. Transparent visors were installed on the counters in KART38 Operation Center. The meal times of the employees were planned in a way to prevent the formation of crowds in the cafeteria and a partition with fiberglass glass was added to the two-person dining tables. Separate cleaning plans were created for each area in accordance with safe service standards. Hand disinfection has been placed in the entrances, corridors and common areas. Information was given about fever measurement, mask distribution, HES Code and the epidemic at the entrance to the guardhouse. Internal and external communication forms were prepared for the possible case. An isolation room was created. Mask waste boxes were created for the masks used and were collected in accordance with the waste regulation. Disinfection instructions for common areas, materials and equipment were created. For this, disinfectant was given to company vehicles, services, workshop and technical personnel. Disinfection was applied daily in common areas and twice a week in other areas. Information posters were hung in common areas. The maximum number of people required to be in closed areas was determined. According to the standards determined by the Ministry of Health, offices were arranged with 4 person per 1 square meters.


In addition, Kayseri Transportation Inc. The regular disinfection of vehicles, stations, bus stops and ticket sales points continues without interruption. In the ongoing studies, gloves and disinfectant are distributed to the personnel working in the parking lot within the scope of combating corona virus, while the common areas of the parking lot such as elevators and offices are periodically disinfected.


Trainings were also held within the scope of coronavirus protection activities. In this sense, corona virus information training was organized for all personnel in Transportation Inc. and infectious disease training was organized for cleaning personnel. These included working from home for suitable jobs, creating work plans to reduce office crowd, and working hour arrangements.

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