'Kars City with its Historical Identity Project' Started to Bring 1 Million Tourists to Kars

Kars city project started with its historical identity that will bring million tourists to Kars.
Kars city project started with its historical identity that will bring million tourists to Kars.

📩 16/02/2021 17:18

Kars Governor Türker Öksüz, with the completion of the 'City of Kars Project with its Historical Identity' prepared by Serhat Development Agency (SERKA) and financed by the European Union (EU) Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Fund (IPA) Competitiveness and Innovation Operational Program He said that they aim to host tourists.

A cooperation protocol was signed between local stakeholders for the implementation of the 'Historical Identity Kars City Project' prepared by SERKA and financed by the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance Fund (IPA) in March. SERKA's Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Governor of Kars Türker Öksüz, SERKA General Secretary İbrahim Taşdemir, Kafkas University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Engin Kılıç, SERKA Board Member, Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ertuğrul Alibeyoğlu , Provincial Director of National Education Aydın Acay, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Hayrettin Çetin, Kars Regional Director of Conservation of Cultural Heritage Zeynel Abidin Elder, Provincial Health Director Zakir Lazoğlu and Chairman of the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Adem Burulday attended. Speaking to the journalists at the meeting, Kars Governor Öksüz stated that the project prepared by SERKA will be implemented in cooperation with all stakeholders under the coordination of SERKA in the city and said, “We have a goal of hosting 1 million tourists in Kars. It is necessary to prepare the tourism infrastructure in order to increase the number of tourists. "We are working on this," he said. Then, SERKA Tourism, Promotion and Environment Unit Head Çağrı Birol Esatoğlu made a presentation about the purpose, scope and results of the project. After the presentation, project stakeholders expressed their views and opinions. At the end of the meeting, a high-level coordination structure was established and a protocol was signed between the stakeholders for the successful implementation of the project.


Within the scope of the project, which has a budget of approximately 50 million TL and is expected to last for 2,5 years, it is aimed to preserve the rich historical cultural texture with various improvement works in the historical buildings in the city center of Kars and to transfer this rich heritage to future generations. Facade improvement will be made within the scope of the construction component of the project for 7 registered and 22 unregistered buildings, 12 of which are public buildings, on Haydar Aliyev Street, formerly known as Ordu Caddesi, where the project will be implemented. In addition, the pavement renewal of the street, lighting works, landscaping works, signposts and street furniture will be installed and a 680-meter touristic route will be created on the street. In addition, it will be ensured that the surroundings of Ani Ruins are covered with protection fences, and equipped with street furniture and direction and information signs. At the same time the scope of the project will be carried out training and consulting services to tourism businesses in the city, civil society organizations and will increase the institutional capacity of relevant stakeholders, Kars, Turkey, and is to be recognized as a city brand in the world of promotion and marketing activities to do. With all these activities, it is aimed to create a better destination for tourists and to establish a sustainable tourism environment.

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