Fear of Cancer and Attention to Misunderstandings

fear of cancer and attention to misinformation
fear of cancer and attention to misinformation

📩 03/02/2021 12:40

Cancer, one of the most important diseases of the modern age, can be seen in individuals of all ages. Early diagnosis and correct treatment planning are of great importance in the fight against cancer.

For this, it is necessary to be conscious about cancer, to ignore the common but wrong thoughts in the society, and to apply to the right specialist at the right time. Head of Medical Oncology Department at Memorial Şişli Hospital Prof. Dr. Serkan Keskin gave important information about cancer disease and the things to be considered about treatment processes before "February 4, World Cancer Day".

Know the signs of cancer well, avoid unnecessary panic

Unreasonable and sudden weight loss, persistent fever, persistent fatigue and weakness, unreasonable pain, hard and immobile masses felt in the breast, armpit or other parts of the body, severe cough, persistent headaches, changes in appearance and size in moles and warts, bleeding in the gums, oral Symptoms such as blood flow may indicate cancer. In this case, the person should get expert help without wasting time. After the necessary examinations and tests are made, a treatment plan is made by determining the state of health. However, care should be taken to remain calm during this process. The support of the family and the environment is very important because of the positive effect of morale and motivation on treatment success.

On the contrary, fear of cancer and anxiety attacks and consulting a doctor are common in every small symptom. Individuals should follow the signals given by their bodies well, be conscious about the symptoms of cancer, not load on various nutritional and vitamin supplements unnecessarily, and should go to the doctor at the right time.

In addition to all this, "What would I do if I go to the doctor and tell me you have cancer?" There is also an opinion like many people. Not going to the doctor and learning the facts about the health status will affect the course of the cancer disease, but not starting the treatment as soon as possible. Ignoring the symptoms and deliberately not seeking expert help; It can cause a cancer that can be overcome by treatment in a short time to progress or even spread to other organs and cause life-threatening.

Regular health screenings are the best way to be sure of your health

Regular health screenings should not be neglected in the fight against cancer, for which early diagnosis is of vital importance. However, attention should be paid to the scope of check-ups. After the doctor's examination, genetic disorders and disease history in the family of the person should be taken in detail and an appropriate check-up program should be created for the patient. Correctly applied check-up programs can also relieve many patients' anxiety about cancer.

Mammography should not be feared

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. Mammography is also of great importance for determining breast cancer. However, considering that mammography is harmful, most patients choose not to have this test. However, mammography is a system that is beneficial from all breast diseases to breast cancer and has very low side effects. For this reason, it should be added to the check-up programs when deemed necessary by the doctor. During the examination, the need for mammography is determined by the doctor according to the age of the patients, the density of the breast and the progress of the disease in the past.

Watch out for mistakes about pet and MR!

Correct imaging methods in cancer change the course of the disease and are of great importance in terms of treatment success. “If I have PET pulled, will the cancer spread? Thoughts such as “I have never had an MRI but I can never have it” affect the disease processes negatively. If such applications are really necessary, they are recommended by the doctor, and the shooting can be done very comfortably thanks to the recently advancing technologies.

Don't take the risk of colon and stomach cancer to chance

Nowadays, cancer has started to be seen in patients at an earlier age. This table is seen in many types of cancer, especially breast cancer. Therefore, when evaluating check-up programs, there are different screening methods according to different cancer types. One of these is colon cancer, which is common in the society. Colonoscopic screening should be added to the check-up program in the diagnosis of colon cancer. During colonoscopy, both the diagnosis can be made and the removal of an existing lesion by an endoscopic way when necessary can be eliminated. Therefore, a patient with a colon cancer burden who is suspected of having colon cancer or who has a colon cancer risk in the future should have a colonoscopy in the check-up program.

Again, in screening for gastric cancer, gastroscopy can be found in check-up programs in patients with a risk of stomach cancer in their family or in patients with such a risk or symptoms of this.

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