Trucks Wait 2.5 Days For Return Freight

Trucks are waiting for the day to turn
Trucks are waiting for the day to turn

📩 16/02/2021 12:00

In Turkey, 2021 registered truck traffic According to data from January 3.938.732, 859.670 450's truck. In our country, which has the largest truck market in Europe, approximately 1,2 thousand trucks carry FTL every day. Up to 33 million truck drivers with SRC certificates are chasing loads on the roads for their bread. According to the Tirport Insights data, a trucker waits up to 2.5 hours on average to unload his load. In order to find a new load, it can be searched for up to 1 days. 3/4.500 of the trucks on the roads in the country are driving empty. The more striking result is that 82% of our trucks going to Europe, where an average of XNUMX trucks leave from the western border gates every day, turn empty.

a trucker's monthly average in Turkey that makes it at least 5-6 times and 8-9 times the record can be removed by digital technologies Tırport Anil Peace Operations Director, said:

“The main thing is to enable the truckers to reach and bid in an intelligent way whenever and wherever they need the load, to the desired direction, to the load alternatives appropriate to the characteristics of the truck. As Tırport, we lead the end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics industry globally, as well as in our country. With the technologies we have and the business volume we have reached, we have become one of the few logistics technologies in Europe. With our digital solutions supported by increased intelligence, we provide 7/24 monitoring and management of all location-based and real-time transportation operations. During the work process, loading-unloading reports can be accessed in real time and based on location, processes are confirmed digitally, and also in case of possible delays, etc., they are instantly notified ”.

Tech-savvy new generation truckers are coming

Stating that the trucks started to move to the second generation drivers, Tirport Operations Director Barış Anıl explained:

“According to the analysis in Tırport, 62% of the drivers are in the 27-45 age range and the driver's side is getting younger. We can say that a new generation of truckers with more technology are coming. Tirport brings together truckers who want to reach the freight whenever and wherever they need it in better conditions and to give confidence to their customers with the transparency created by technology, in a new generation community called "Operated By Tirport". In short, truckers with Tirport can access freight instantly from wherever they want with the application of YükCEP, and they can also receive their payments with the guarantee of Tirport with the Param Tırport Card, the industry's first and comprehensive digital secure payment system with electronic money infrastructure.

SMEs safely deliver their cargo to trucks with Tirport

Stating that trucks with Tirport will be on the road more in the coming days, Tirport Operations Director Barış Anıl continued his speech as follows:

“Logistics companies, large loaders and SMEs deliver their cargo to“ Trucks with Tirport ”safely. In short, their past performances are accessible at any time, verified documents are fully and digitally recorded, insurance, etc. It is possible to deliver the cargo safely to truckers with Tirport, whose obligations are fully completed. Customers who both load the product and the freight are able to follow the entire transportation process digitally from end to end, and their minds are never on the road. The value of logistics in the world was once again understood due to the pandemic. "If life can fit in the house, one of the reasons is because the trucks are on the road," he said.

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