The Employment of Disabled Persons in the Public Should Absolutely Increase

Employment of people with disabilities in the public should definitely be increased
Employment of people with disabilities in the public should definitely be increased

📩 18/02/2021 12:13

IYI Party Social Policies Director Ünzile Yüksel said, "The employment of disabled people in the public sector should definitely be increased".

Being disabled is not only a congenital or acquired condition, but also a phenomenon that changes mentality and should be included in people's social consciousness. Every individual should go beyond being a candidate for a disability, acting with the thought that one day I might be disabled, and realize that people's vital differences are not something to be pitiful. For the disabled, all difficulties of the obstacle will be overcome with common life values, wisdom and most importantly human traits. First of all, people should change their approach and mentality towards people with disabilities, whom they see or act as pathetic people in society.

The people of our country to change its approach to vaccination with disabilities will be no obstacle in Turkey. Many problems experienced by disabled people today, especially employment and education, are the manifestation of the perspective held by the society. While people with disabilities as a society are proud of and appreciate the work they do in their own fields, it is not a situation that can be explained within the limits of reason not to provide enough opportunities in public service. With the emphasis that everyone is equal both in our constitution and in international treaties, it has been declared that positive discrimination is applied to the disabled. In addition to the distress caused by the disability of the people, it is also one of the biggest axes struck by social integrity. If it is desired to remedy the disability of the people, first of all, it is necessary to find a solution to the obstacle of the welfare level and to give the rights of the people we are proud of. It is expected that those who are promised to be people with disabilities are confident and have hope for the future, both in the e-kpss preparation processes and in the e-kpss, and the employment of the disabled in the public is expected to be increased.

The state is the hope. The state is the one that brings people's expectations together with hope. State barriers are those who build a society that has liberated their mentality and attitudes from individuals who are more or less self-sufficient. Therefore, our expectation is not to add a livelihood burden to the burden of both life and the difficulties experienced, and that the obstacle will not prevent anything in social life. The appointments to be made are to be made completely and in a way that does not make people suffer.

Ensuring sufficient employment and an even more active role of disabled people in the workforce will enable them to socialize more comfortably with the society, to become self-confident individuals by increasing their welfare level, to change the perspective we talk about interacting with the society, and to internalize the concept of disability in their society. Considering the employment of disabled people as a material or social burden where exaggerated figures are mentioned in the state means to make the disabled pay the bill of not being able to solve problems politically.


If you want to strengthen your reputation that you do not intend to save, let's give you the formula for gaining reputation without saving. Reputation is not gained by basing its own luxury on the livelihood of the nation where one starts by saying let the people live so that the state lives; it is gained by giving up its own luxury for the country. Gained by making the disadvantageous one advantageous. Without becoming a social issue, being disabled is achieved by solving it in both material, social and human dimensions. It is earned by employing people in a way that will bring them to prosperity, based on the criteria of competence, merit, justice, conscientiousness and interest in accordance with their skills and education.

There is one more thing I want to declare, except for the employment issue. It is in our hands to prevent disability from becoming a social issue. First of all, it is essential to put the education regarding the place of disabled individuals in society especially for our children into practice and to empower the disabled individual psychologically in order to overcome peer bullying and other difficulties in childhood. Thanks to education, the society should internalize the disability of individuals and the person should first be able to get rid of the obstacles in his mind. The realization of our children that differences are not a means of othering is directly related to the family members' approach to this issue. The best place where human love is embodied is the child's heart, human love begins in the heart and no obstacle can prevent it. A country in which our children are aware will overcome all obstacles one by one, and when the day comes, one will want to find a medical remedy for the handicap.

As we move towards the days when we will reach the days when the barriers of mentalities and hearts are overcome, we consider it our duty to minimize the difficulties caused by physical and mental differences and to be hope for our people. We believe that giving a new perspective to the approach of each institution to the disabled will overcome the obstacles. I thank you all and express my respect to the Great Turkish Nation.

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