Pay Attention To These Mistakes For Cardiovascular Health!

Pay attention to these mistakes for cardiovascular health
Pay attention to these mistakes for cardiovascular health

📩 26/02/2021 13:05

Cardiovascular Surgeon Op.Dr. Orçun Ünal gave important information on the subject. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading diseases in the world and in our country. However, there may be many misconceptions about cardiovascular health. Here are some of them;

'Shock diets do not affect the heart'

It is appropriate for the individual to lose weight by consuming certain amounts of each food in accordance with his age and gender. If the weight is removed from the muscles and water in the body, it hurts in the long run. Since the bones and muscles keep the organism alive, it is very necessary for the muscles to be strong, especially for the heart and other internal organs. Shock diets disrupt our metabolism. Since metabolism is impaired, mineral and electrolyte balance in the body will affect, the heart is the most sensitive organ to be affected by this electrical change. That's why sudden weight loss can even cause heart attacks.

"There is no such problem as high cholesterol in weak people."

Wrong. Although it is more common in overweight and obese people, any type of body can have high cholesterol. For this reason, although your weight, activity level and diet are suitable for heart health, you should have your blood cholesterol measured regularly. High cholesterol can be seen in unexpected people regardless of age and weight. In addition, the incidence of high cholesterol is high, especially in those who are fed with foods rich in fat. High cholesterol is very important for cardiovascular health. Therefore, we should stay away from fat-rich foods in our diet.

'' I am healthy and fit, I cannot be a blood pressure patient ''

Wrong. Tension is not related to the feeling of well-being. A person may experience an increase in blood pressure or imbalances in his blood pressure against feeling very well. In medicine, it is necessary to know that everyone's body is different in general.For this reason, it is useful to measure the blood pressure from time to time and record the values ​​aside in the period when there is no complaint or disease, in order to be able to mention that the blood pressure has increased or decreased in a person.

"Heart Patients Should Not Exercise"

One of the misconceptions is that cardiac patients should not exercise, but vice versa, heart patients can also exercise. Brisk walks are beneficial for heart patients, but the important thing is that some patients may definitely need an exercise test.

"Heart diseases are more common in men"

No, heart diseases are not only seen in men. Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death in women, too. In other words, women are at risk of cardiovascular diseases as much as men.

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