Severe Wind Affected Life In Izmir

Severe wind affected life negatively in Izmir
Severe wind affected life negatively in Izmir

📩 17/02/2021 16:34

Due to the storm, which has been effective in Izmir since yesterday and its speed sometimes reached 100 kilometers per hour, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams have spent intensive work. The storm, which caused damage to around 330 trees throughout the city, created huge waves in the Bay. Wooden piers and floor coverings on the shoreline were damaged. An anchored boat sank near Passport Pier.

Due to the strong winds affecting İzmir, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality teams intervened in the emergencies that occurred in many points of the city. The storm with a speed of 100 km per hour affected the trees the most. While 330 trees were damaged throughout İzmir, 197 of them were completely toppled. The teams of the Parks and Gardens Department, the Fire Department, the Department of Technical Affairs and the Police Department worked uninterruptedly to eliminate the negativities.

Fire crews intervened in approximately 200 notifications for reasons such as roof and sign flying, poles and trees falling down.

Huge waves formed in the bay caused damage to the wooden piers on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard. A boat moored near Passport Pier sank due to the waves. The floor coverings, playgrounds and shades on the beach were damaged. The mast serving as the WizmirNET connection point was overturned, unable to withstand the force of the wind.

Damaged trees cut down

According to the report of Izmir Fire Department, the most notices Karşıyakacame from. In the district, 54 roof, sign fly and tree fall incidents were intervened. Again, many reports were made from Bornova's neighborhoods. Many houses flew roofs and trees fell due to the storm. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams cut down the fallen trees and took them to safe areas to avoid any problems. Again, dangerous parts of the roofs were cut and life safety was ensured. Necessary security measures were also taken against sign flyings.

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