5 Thousand People Said 'We Run' in İzmir

A thousand people in Izmir said we run out
A thousand people in Izmir said we run out

📩 10/02/2021 13:14

Despite Covid-19, Izmir Metropolitan Belediyespor's # BizKoşarız virtual platform, which has been implemented to keep the excitement of sports at the top, has run a distance that will cover the circumference of the world 5 times in four months.

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic that affected the whole world by Izmir Metropolitan Belediyespor, the members of the virtual running platform, which has been implemented to maintain the excitement of sports, ran 330 thousand kilometers in four months and covered a distance of 8 times around the world. Thanks to the # BizKoşarız platform, which reached more than five thousand members from all over the world in a short time, the opportunity to do sports has emerged and a continuous excitement of competition has been experienced.

Until today, 9 September Half Marathon, Marathon Izmir and Kubilay Run were held in virtual environment. This number will increase even more during the year. In the first stage, the Valentine's Day Run on February 14 will be held in a virtual environment, and immediately after that, on Sunday, April 11, virtual excitement will be experienced in the second of Maraton Izmir, Izmir's first international marathon. In this way, the distance covered in the virtual environment will exceed 400 thousand kilometers.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the most important events of the world such as Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, Singapore Marathon and Iron Man were held virtually, “We will limit participation in Marathon İzmir due to Covid-19 measures. However, it will be possible to participate virtually from all over the world in 10 km and 42 km runs. The only thing to do is www.bizkoşariz.org to sign up on the website, choose the run and then match the profile with GPS device, smart watch or phone ”.

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