Historical Fountains and Fountains in İzmir Kemeraltı to be Restored

Historical Cesme and Sadirvans in Izmir Archway will be restored
Historical Cesme and Sadirvans in Izmir Archway will be restored

📩 21/02/2021 11:01

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality took action to restore the historical fountains and fountains in Kemeraltı, which houses the most important cultural heritage of the city. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has tendered for the restoration of the Alipaşa Fountain and the historical fountain in 1281 Street, continues the tender preparation works for the maintenance and repair of the Uray Fountain and Kestanepazarı Fountain.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its works to improve the infrastructure and superstructure of Kemeraltı uninterruptedly in order to revive the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale.

Metropolitan, which decided to invest 200 million in order to revive Kemeraltı, the heart of Izmir Historical City Center, which is preparing to become a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, also took action for the restoration of historical fountains. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out a series of projects from infrastructure to street improvement applications, from lighting to green space designs, has put out a tender for the Alipaşa (Hacı Salih Paşa) Fountain and the historical fountain in 1281 Street located to the south of the Aziz Vukolos (Ayavukla) Church. The maintenance and repair projects of the historical Uray Fountain and Kestanepazarı Fountain were completed and the approval of the Conservation Board was obtained. Tender preparation works continue.

Historical fountains in Kemeraltı

Taking the decision to repair the historical fountains in Kemeraltı and its Vicinity Renewal Area, Metropolitan first initiated determination studies. It has been determined that the historical fountains in the area are under the ownership of İzmir Regional Directorate of Foundations, the Treasury of Finance, individuals and the Metropolitan Municipality. It was determined that four fountains were not owned and were stranded. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to register the fountains on the road in the name of the municipality, aims to restore the historical fountains in the area and make them available again.

Alipasa Fountain

It is known that Hacı Salih Paşa Fountain, also known as Alipaşa Fountain, located in Alipaşa Square, which is the focus of the Kemeraltı bazaar, was built in 1828. The fountain, which became unusable as a result of the severe earthquakes that took place in 1830, 1880, 1881 and 1883 in Izmir, was built in 1894 by II. It was made functional again after a comprehensive repair made during the reign of Abdülhamid.

Having a unique architecture, Alipaşa Fountain was built alone, not as a part of an architectural work like many other fountains. With this feature, it is the only sample of the square fountains in Izmir, which we see many examples in Istanbul.

The historical fountain at 1281 Street

There is no inscription on the historical fountain on 1281 Street (1588 Island 10 Parcel) located in the south of the Saint Vukolos (Ayavukla) Church in the Kapılar district, which has a traditional residential texture. It is estimated that the fountain was built at that time, as the examples of houses, which are cultural assets in the region where it is located, are dated to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There is a mirror stone on the front of the fountain on the street and a water control window just above the mirror stone.

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