Women's Station Supervisors Come to Istanbul Metro

Women station supervisors come to Istanbul subways
Women station supervisors come to Istanbul subways

📩 14/02/2021 13:26

New station supervisor candidates started training on 8 February at IMM. METRO ISTANBUL General Manager Özgür Soy stated that for the first time in 33 years of company history, 9 women candidates participated in the trainings and said, “Our women working in jobs that are introduced as men's work inspire and encourage other women”.

Turkey's largest urban rail system operator, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), despite the ongoing pandemic in our country as well as all over the world to grow with new lines and turn it continues to create jobs. The training process for Station Supervisor candidates to be added to its team by the company, which has a total of nearly 3 thousand employees and employs approximately 5 thousand people together with security and cleaning staff, started on Monday, February 8. 27 candidates attend technical and theoretical trainings that will last for 2 months.


Özgür Soy, General Manager of METRO İSTANBUL, one of the İBB affiliates, underlined that a first in 8 years of company history with the trainings started on February 33, “We currently have a total of 247 station supervisors on duty and all of these friends are male. 9 candidates, 27 of which are women, are attending the trainings that have started now. This is the first time we have hired a female Station Manager as a company, ”he said.

Reminding that rail systems are a male-dominated sector worldwide, General Manager Soy said: “We set out to create a family atmosphere that prioritizes women and prioritizes merit and career development. Our female employee rate was around 8 percent. 2020 percent of our recruitments in 92 are women. At the badge ceremony we organized in September 2020, we included our 88 female train drivers in the team. We increased the ratio of women to 9.44 percent in our total number of employees. We aim to increase this rate to 15 percent first and then much higher. Every day, we see that our women are able to do all kinds of work in every field with great success. Our women working in jobs promoted as men's work inspire and encourage other women.


“We are a company that sees its passengers as guests, not customers. It is our debt to Istanbulites to meet them in the best way and with a smiling face. Our station supervisors, who appear to represent us against our passengers on the field, must therefore communicate well with our passengers, ”Soy said, adding that researches show that women are more successful than men.

Reminding that in crisis situations such as equipment failure, theft, fighting, natural disasters, station supervisors do the first response, Özgür Soy said, “Our station supervisors are not only responsible for our passengers but also for a very large area. For this reason, a very difficult and comprehensive training process awaits our colleagues who will take this position ”.


In METRO ISTANBUL, candidates go through a 2-month technical and theoretical training process, along with the orientation process. Crisis management, team management, leadership, first aid and communication trainings are provided. At the end of these trainings, some of which are practical, there are also written and applied exams. A practical exam is performed on issues such as repairing a defective escalator or elevator and intervention to a passenger who faints at the station.

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