Isparta Governorship Cup Ski Races Held

Skiers compete in the governor's cup in isparta
Skiers compete in the governor's cup in isparta

Governorship Cup Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding races were held at Davraz Ski Center facilities, the pearl of the Mediterranean, in order to promote and spread skiing throughout the province and to train professional skiers. Approximately 100 athletes from alpine discipline and snowboard branches participated in the races organized by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports under the leadership of Isparta Governorship. Athletes who participated in races in 10 different age groups in alpine skiing and snowboarding competed fiercely with each other to get a place.

The award ceremony was held at the end of the races. The medals of the winning athletes were given by Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu, Burdur Governor Ali Arslantaş and protocol members. After the medal ceremony, Governor Seymenoğlu and Governor Arslantaş took many photos with young athletes.

Governor Seymenoğlu, who made statements about the races held, said that such organizations young skiers participate in sports. kazanHe emphasized that it is very important to Governor Seymenoğlu said, “From the first day we came, we have been talking about Davraz being a blessing for this city. In addition to evaluating Davraz only in terms of tourism and economy, we started to plan and evaluate Davraz Ski Center and its region within the scope of social responsibility. When we arrived, our Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate was working on the gym. Thank God we have completed it and put it into service. The first output of the sports hall was the 1st Governor's Cup races we organized this year. Because without this physical space, it would be difficult for us to train our children in a healthy way and to compete on the tracks. to our city kazanWe are planning to use our newly built gym for other sporting events as well. Davraz naturally gives us this opportunity. We have completed our organization to seize the opportunity. You can be sure that in the coming days and years, we will start to hear the name of Isparta province everywhere, especially in Turkey. Because we have very successful children in ski and snowboard branches. What is left to us is to prepare the necessary infrastructure for them and to send them to such competitions after a good training. I would like to thank our Youth and Sports Provincial Director, Deputy Secretary General of the Special Administration, the managers of our ski clubs, our trainers and those who contributed to this organization.”

It is planned that the Governorship Cup Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding races, which was held for the first time this year, will become traditional in the following years.

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