International Certificate in Carbon Management of Istanbul Airport

international certificate for carbon management of istanbul airport
international certificate for carbon management of istanbul airport

Standing out with the smart technologies it offers to its passengers with the title of the world's most important global transfer center and 5-star airport, Istanbul Airport is entitled to receive the "First Level Carbon Emissions Certificate" given by the Airports Council International (ACI) within the scope of Airport Carbon Accreditation. kazanwas.

Istanbul Airport, Turkey's gateway to the world, is entitled to receive an international certificate as a result of its efforts to manage and reduce its carbon footprints within the scope of its environment and sustainability program. kazanwas. Fulfilling its obligations within the scope of Airport Carbon Accreditation initiated by the Airports Council International in 2009, Istanbul Airport received the "First Level Carbon Emissions Certificate" and was included in the "climate-smart airports" list of the Airports Council International.

Carbon Footprint Management at Istanbul Airport

At Istanbul Airport, where sustainability is at the center of all activities, activities are carried out in line with the principle of sustainability at every stage, from design to construction, from the construction period to the operation process. At Istanbul Airport, where the reduction of carbon emissions is aimed, the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Procedure has been aligned with the requirements of the ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Calculation and Verification Management System Standard and the Airport Carbon Accreditation program for measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

Within the scope of the works carried out; Calculation methodologies were defined by determining greenhouse gas sources at Istanbul Airport. Since the opening date, the energy consumption data of the entire airport can be monitored and greenhouse gas emissions can be calculated. In order to reduce carbon emissions at Istanbul Airport, actions such as remote monitoring and control, tracking of energy consumption with energy efficiency analysis system software, Managing Energy from a Single Center, Mechanical Automation System applications and efficient winter cooling applications are taken. Thanks to the greenhouse gas management system, which works in integration with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System, greenhouse gas emission sources are effectively identified and improvement activities are carried out on important energy consumption points.All systems are constantly reviewed and maintained.

Thus, the Greenhouse Gas Management System applications at the airport were audited by the International Airports Council approved auditors in line with the requirements of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program, and Istanbul Airport received the "First Level Carbon Emission" certificate, which is of international importance in this field. At least three years of data recording is required for Second Level and above certificates. With the completion of 3 years of data records, it is planned to continue the Third Level certification process and after the three-year process, Istanbul Airport's total carbon footprint will be reduced and the Fourth Level certification process.

"We are determined to minimize our impact on the climate"

Kadri Samsunlu, Chairman of the Executive Board and General Manager of İGA Airport Operations, made evaluations about the efforts to reduce carbon emissions at Istanbul Airport and the 'First Level Carbon Emission Certificate' given by the International Airports Council; “The issue of sustainability is at the center of all processes at Istanbul Airport. While continuing our operations in line with our environmental and sustainability principles, we also make maximum efforts to maintain the climate balance. This international certificate we have received is an important indicator of our sensitivity to carbon emissions. We do not yet have a data record on carbon footprint based on old years, therefore, we are entitled to receive the "First Level Carbon Emission" certificate. kazanWe did, but we still have a lot of work to do in this regard. I have no doubt that we will receive certificates at levels 2, 3, and 4 with the completion of three years of data records. As İGA, we are determined to minimize our impact on the climate by reducing our carbon footprint at Istanbul Airport. With our effective energy management system, we optimize our energy consumption that causes greenhouse gas, and we continuously improve it with our efficiency studies. We have succeeded in realizing important aviation standards and innovations that make a difference in a short time since our opening, and we aim to lead the development and progress of the aviation industry in the next period. “As a climate-smart airport, we will continue our work within the framework of our environment and sustainability policy.” said.

"It became a reference among global HUBs"

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE; “I am delighted to congratulate Istanbul Airport for reaching Level 1 in the Airport Carbon Accreditation“ Carbon Resources Map ”! Since its opening 2 years ago, Istanbul Airport has quickly become a reference point among global hubs, thanks to its continuous operational excellence and outstanding customer service. While the airport's participation in Airport Carbon Accreditation is part of this excellence effort, it should also be praised that it is taking place amidst the biggest crisis the aviation industry has ever experienced. We are all aware that we do not have the luxury of waiting for the current health crisis to end to address the Climate Emergency. However, apart from the current financial disruption faced by airports across Europe and the world, reducing carbon emissions is a cost that cannot be easily met even under normal conditions. Today's news about the successful accreditation of Istanbul Airport shows that the airport sector continues to commit to climate action, which is not taken lightly and should not be taken lightly, ”he said.

Airport Carbon Accreditation program

The Airport Carbon Accreditation program, initiated by the Airports Council International in 2009, is the only institutionally approved global carbon management certification program for airports. Airport Carbon Accreditation consists of six climate certification levels; Mapping, Reduction, Optimization, Neutrality, Transformation and Transition. Currently, 334 airports around the world participate in the program and report their carbon emissions. The carbon emissions of the sector are measured and the reductions in carbon emissions achieved through improvements are announced in annual reports. Thus, airports are encouraged to manage and improve their carbon emissions.

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