Where is Ince Minaret Madrasa, How to Go? What Are Its Historical Features?

Where is the fine minaret madrasa, how to get there, what are the historical features
Where is the fine minaret madrasa, how to get there, what are the historical features

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Ince Minaret Madrasa is in the Selçuklu District of Konya province, west of Alaaddin Hill. Seljuk Sultan II. It was built by Vizier Sahip Ata Fahrettin Ali in the period of Izzeddin Keykavus in 663 AH (1264 AD) to teach hadith.

The architect of the building is Keluk bin Abdullah (Kölük bin Abdullah). Darü-l Hadith The courtyard of the Seljuk Period is in the group of closed madrasas. It has a single iwan. The portal to the east is one of the most beautiful examples of Seljuk period stone work. Three small columns on both sides of the entrance arch and the arch arch are decorated with floral and geometric motifs. The cross-vaulted space is reached through the portal. This space, which cannot be noticed when viewed from the façade, constitutes symmetry for the main iwan of the building. The two niches on the side walls of this place gave the architecture aesthetics. The hall is entered through the cross vaulted entrance section. In the south and north of the domed, square-planned courtyard with a pool in the middle, there are rectangular planned student cells with barrel vaults. The transition to the dome is provided by pendants. "El-Mülkü-Lillah" "Ayet'el Kürsi" is written in kufic writing on the dome rim. The building provides its light from the loophole and rectangular windows and the lantern in the dome.

Opposite the entrance, there is a low-vaulted iwan that can be climbed through three steps from the courtyard. There is a square-planned, domed classroom on both sides of the iwan. The façade of the monumental building is made of cut stone and the exterior facades of the side walls are made of rubble stone. Brick has been used indoors for both static and decorative purposes. From the mosque to the north, only the altar of brickwork remains today. The base of the minaret, which gives the building its name, is covered with cut stone. The body part is completely made of bricks. Today, its body is octagonal and it is in the form of domes in various forms. The minaret is built with turquoise colored, white paste bricks. While the original of the minaret had two balconies, the lightning that fell in 1901 destroyed one of the two balconies.

Ince Minaret Madrasa continued its activities until the end of the 19th century. It is known that it was repaired in 1876-1899. After various repair works that started in 1936 in the Republic Period, it was opened as a Stone and Wooden Works Museum in 1956.

In the museum, the construction and repair inscriptions written with the carving technique on stone and marble belonging to the Seljuk and Karamanoğlu periods, high relief reliefs of Konya Castle, door and window wings decorated with geometric and floral motifs made with various wood carving technique, wooden ceiling hub samples and Tomb witnesses and sarcophagi carved on marble are exhibited. The most beautiful examples of double-headed eagle and winged angel figures, the symbol of the Seljuks whose capital city is Konya, are also exhibited in this museum.

Where is Ince Minaret Madrasa?

Ince Minare Madrasa is located in the west of Alaaddin Hill in Konya province, Selçuklu District. The İnce Minareli Madrasa, which is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is located on Alaaddin Boulevard in Konya.

How to Get to Ince Minaret Madrasa?

There are many public transportation vehicles that go to İnce Minare Medresesi. For those who want to come to Konya from other provinces, it becomes easy to reach Konya thanks to the high speed train. It is possible to reach Konya by high speed train between Ankara and Konya after a journey of about 2 hours. Between Istanbul and Konya, it takes about 4 hours.

You can also come to Konya, where you can arrive with a short and comfortable journey, for a day trip. After reaching the Konya station, you can take the minibuses departing from the city center to reach Alaaddin Hill. From the center, you can reach the hill by walking if you want, and you can take a minibus from here. If you wish, you can rent a bicycle and reach the madrasa after a pleasant journey.

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