With HAYDİ Application, Crimes Against Nature and Animals Will Not Go Unpunished

Common wisdom solution in the workshop to combat crimes against the surrounding nature and animals
Common wisdom solution in the workshop to combat crimes against the surrounding nature and animals

📩 17/02/2021 16:26

With the notifications received over the HAYDİ application at the Workshop on Combating Crimes Against Environment, Nature and Animals held in Ankara, it was decided to hold a more comprehensive workshop with common sense, drawing attention to the prevention of crime.

The Struggle Will Be Continued With Common Mind

The workshop organized for the effective fight against crimes against the environment, nature and animals, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Security and the Gendarmerie General Command, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ankara Bar Association Animal Rights Board representatives, NGO representatives and 7 Provincial Police Directorates. Organized with the participation of Environment, Nature and Animal Protection units.

A More Comprehensive Workshop Will Be Held With Common Mind

In the workshop organized with a total of 19 representatives within the scope of coronavirus measures, common mind topics were discussed in order to be able to fight crimes against animals more effectively and efficiently, reduce crimes and prevent them from being committed. It was also decided to hold a more comprehensive workshop in the future.

2.001 Personnel On Duty

A total of 81 personnel work in the “Environment, Nature and Animal Protection” units established by the Ministry of Interior to respond to crimes against the environment and animals in 2.001 provinces. The experts from the Faculty of Vetenerlik and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning will advise those in charge of these units on animal health and first aid, animal psychology and animal behavior, approach and communication to animals, ways of using equipment, intervention and actions to be taken, and the protection of the environment and nature. Nature and Animal Protection Police Basic Training Course ”was held.

In these courses, it was aimed to make the staff more aware of the notifications about environmental, nature and animal rights violations coming through the HAYDİ application.

HAYDİ Mobile Application Reached 107 thousand 300 Downloads

When the 10 thousand 125 notices received through the Animal Condition Monitoring (HAYDİ) application were evaluated, it was determined that 6 thousand 623 were originally. Citizens can log in by typing their TR ID number and date of birth on the application they download to their mobile phones via Apple Store and Play Store. After logging in, the application is activated by entering the verification code sent to the mobile phone.

Photo Notification Feature to HAYDİ Also Defined

Through the main and interfaces created on the HAYDİ mobile application, photo reports can be made for acts such as violence, torture, torture, harm, starvation, both against the environment and nature and animals.

Delivery of 89 Service Vehicles

Within the scope of the draft created within the framework of the authorities granted by the Turkish Penal Code No.5237, Law No.5199 on the Protection of Animals, Law on Misdemeanors No.5326, the interior and exterior design works of 89 service vehicles were completed and sent to the Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Unit. Among the equipment to be used in the mission, protection gloves, catching nets and catching sticks and the clothes to be worn by the personnel on duty were distributed.

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