Effective Solution for Eyeglass Wearers

effective solution to the fog problem of those who use glasses
effective solution to the fog problem of those who use glasses

📩 13/02/2021 13:27

In addition to the high-tech glasses it has developed, Seiko Optik brings the best vision performance to its users with products that will maximize user comfort.

"Anti-Fog cloth", which is a solution to the fogging problem of the eyeglass wearer, is one of these products. The fogging problem caused by sudden hot-cold weather changes became more common in the Covid-19 process due to intense mask use. The 'Anti-Fog cloth' developed by SEIKO eliminates the fog problem that negatively affects the vision comfort for eyeglass wearers by maintaining its effect for a minimum of 1, a maximum of 3 days.

Anti-Fog cloth is effective for minimum 1, maximum 3 days

Especially in winter, when optical users enter a closed space, vehicle or public transportation, the lenses can fog up. In addition, this situation can cause very risky situations for vehicle users while driving. The problem of fogging becomes unbearable for the user when the mask that comes into our lives due to Covid-19 precautions and which we have to wear constantly is added. SEIKO, accelerating its efforts to address the difficulties created by its fog for users, developed an 'Anti-Fog cloth for eyeglass wearers. The 'Anti-Fog cloth' lasts for a minimum of 1 days and a maximum of 3 days, depending on the humidity of the air.

There are certain points that users should pay attention to when using diapers. Before the application, it is necessary to make sure that the glasses are clean and wash them with warm water if possible. 'Anti-Fog cloth' can be used 60 times. As a result of abrasion tests of the cloth, which contains 64% cotton, it has been proven that it does not harm the glass or the coating. To get the best effect, it is enough to rub the front and back surface of the glass at least 5 times with an 'Anti-Fog cloth'.

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