Attention to Severe Eye Chiseling!

beware of severe eye catching
beware of severe eye catching

Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave information on the subject. Tear duct obstruction, which can be seen in many people from babies to middle-aged women, can cause much greater problems by causing the eye canals to be filled with germs if not treated. Tears flowing out of the eye through the small channels on the eye prevents the cornea from drying out, allows the eye to clean itself when it encounters unwanted substances, and prevents the eye from being constantly burr and watery. Tear duct obstruction is an extremely important complaint that needs to be treated in this sense.

In the past, tear duct obstruction was performed under general anesthesia by creating a new channel to break the nasal bones of the person and tear flow, but nowadays, with the developing medical technology, laser applications where the person can return to his daily life without a risky intervention are applied much more. .

What are the symptoms of tear duct obstruction?

The following symptoms are observed when the ducts located between the eyes and nose, which have a delicate balance that provides tear excretion, have a problem of blockage.

  1. Increasing eye watering
  2. Frequently recurring inflammation and infection in the eye
  3. Severe eye burring
  4. Continuous eye discharge problem
  5. Eye pain
  6. As a result of these, the living standard decreases and the person suffers during the day.

Diagnosing Tear Duct Obstruction

A procedure called lavage is applied to people who come to our clinic with complaints of watery eyes, excessive burring, redness in the eyes, and asymmetric conditions between the two eyes.

Lavage; It is the process of giving fluid to the eyes with the help of a cannula, a small tube that can be inserted into the body. In the lavage process, it is observed whether the fluid is progressing or not, and if the fluid does not enter the person's throat, that is, it does not progress, the tear ducts are blocked. After this diagnosis, the treatment process is started.

Treatment of tear duct obstruction

Surgical techniques performed on more serious findings in the past and today have led the person to seek more practical solutions due to bleeding problems and the length of recovery period.

First of all, the process in which the skin is opened, the tear sac is found and the congestion is resolved is called DSR operations. As a type of this procedure, in the procedures we call Endoscopic Dsr, there are procedures in which the bone and sac are opened through the nose and no stitches are required.

Multiode DSR Operations, in which both DSR and endoscopic DSR are integrated and developed for the comfort of the person, are the most advanced applications that are performed with the help of laser, do not have bleeding problems and do not require incision, as the most advanced application, in terms of being carried out in a much shorter time compared to other operations. one of our preferred forms of treatment.

Laser treatment in tear duct obstruction

There are methods that are easily applied with the MultiodeDsr technique in tear duct obstruction where non-surgical solutions are developed day by day due to advantages such as bleeding, anesthesia, and not being withdrawn from daily life.

Laser beams enter through tiny holes on the edges of our eyes, which we call punctal, pass the tear sac and open the obstruction in the canal with the help of rays.

The DSR technique, which is applied especially when the tear main canal is not blocked, can be performed in a short time such as 8-10 minutes in total. In the process where very small cuts are made with laser, it is the process of opening the obstructed areas with laser shots. In these applications, the person can leave the hospital on the same day and return to his daily life.

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done :8

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