Gölcük Kavaklı Seaside Street Will Become an Attraction Center

Golcuk Kavakli seaside street will be a center of attraction
Golcuk Kavakli seaside street will be a center of attraction

📩 21/02/2021 11:16

Gölcük Kavaklı Sahil Street is being renewed with the work initiated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs. When the works on the 1-kilometer street are completed, decorative lighting, walking and cycling will shine and Kavaklı Street will be a place where Gölcük residents will breathe. Gölcük Kavaklı Caddesi, which will have a completely different appearance when it is completed, will become a spacious and bright place where citizens can walk and cycle, 12 meters wide.


Gölcük Kavaklı Caddesi, which is 8 meters wide, whose platform expansion work has been completed, will be increased to 12 meters wide. Rainwater infrastructure is being renewed on the 500-meter part of the street. The street, which has a width of 8 meters, will be increased to 12 meters wide with departure, arrival and parking lanes. The street, on which printed concrete pavement will be built, will have a platform width of 20 meters, together with the sidewalk and bicycle path. A 2,5 meter wide, 2 thousand 250 square meter bicycle path will be built, and 6 thousand square meters of printed concrete pavement will be built on Kavaklı Street.


While Gölcük Kavaklı Sahil Caddesi, which will be increased to a width of 12 meters, will gain an aesthetic appearance with decorative lighting to be made in the middle reserve, citizens will be able to ride their bicycles comfortably and comfortably by bicycle riders. The teams that will lay 1 thousand 5 tons of plant mix base on the 650-kilometer street will make the Kavaklı Sahil Street comfortable and modern by laying 2 thousand 350 tons of binder and 1.525 tons of wear asphalt.

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