Gaziray Will Relieve Urban Traffic

Gaziray will relieve urban traffic
Gaziray will relieve urban traffic

📩 11/02/2021 10:40

Gaziray, which was started to be built within the framework of the protocol between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD in order to relieve the urban traffic, will connect the city center, 6 Organized Industrial Zones and small industrial zones.

Starting from the Organized 3rd District, GAZIRAY will stop by the city center and meet the transportation needs of a very large part of the city, such as 38 neighborhoods. The 24,5-kilometer line, which continues until the Oduncular Site, will consist of 16 stations. With a huge investment with a budget of 1,2 billion TL, the existing 25-kilometer suburban line will be renewed and the black train will be transformed into Gaziray. Aiming to carry 200 thousand passengers per day in the first place, Gaziray will take the traffic burden of the city.

Map of Gaziray

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