Filyos Workshop Final Declaration Announced

filyos calistayi result declaration has been announced
filyos calistayi result declaration has been announced

The final declaration of the Filyos Workshop, hosted by Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University between February 12 and 13, was presented by the Rector Prof. Dr. It was announced by Mustafa Çufalı.

Filyos Workshop Final Declaration

We held the Filyos Workshop on February 12-13, hosted by Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, in order to contribute to the 'Filyos Valley Project', which is one of the mega investments that will play an important role in the economic development of our country, and to ensure the use of knowledge in the relevant sectors within the scope of cooperation with the university and other stakeholders. In the workshop, answers to the pre-determined questions were sought with 54 (Annex-1) institutions / organizations and approximately 6 participants in 80 focus groups. The final report, which includes all the processes of the workshop, will be shared with the public later. The opinions, suggestions and other issues that emerged in the workshop focus groups, which were prepared in about 3 months and ended with a two-day session, are listed below.

The Filyos Valley Project has been evaluated as one of the mega projects that will shape the future of our country, as agreed by all stakeholders participating in the workshop.

The main mission of the workshop was the effort of the university, related institutions and organizations and sector representatives to come together to think and generate ideas with common sense.

Our country, which imports 99% of the natural gas it consumes, has imported approximately 33 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the last 800 years. Even the amount of gas discovered just yet corresponds to half of the natural gas consumed by our country in the last 33 years. In this context, when the natural gas wells discovered in the region start production, they will have the capacity to meet 30% of our country's annual natural gas demand. Considering that our country is a country whose energy demand is rapidly increasing, the importance of natural gas discovery increases even more. It is understood that the discovery of natural gas will be an effective step that will support both our country's energy supply security and macroeconomic targets.

The potential of commercializing hundreds of chemicals and petrochemical products with high added value from the side sectors that are likely to be established in addition to the landing and processing of natural gas in the region also makes the Filyos Valley Project important.

Is the production base of the Marmara region of Turkey, may make it necessary for the increasingly high cost and workload of new production areas have similar logistics facilities is increasing. In this context, the "R&D in Marmara, production in Filyos" model can be considered as an alternative, and one / first example of this may be the Filyos Vadi Project.

The proximity of the Filyos region to Ankara and Istanbul will contribute to the production / distribution network potential.

It has been observed that the design, project preparation and construction stages of the Filyos Valley Project have been implemented with an environmentally friendly approach. The same sensitivity is expected in future studies.

As has been done so far, it is important to increase the promotion and visibility of the international potential capacity of the Filyos project.

Considering that small changes in comparative advantages have a determining effect on the direction of international trade, Filyos Region has the capacity to be a center of attraction for high value-added investments due to its access to energy and logistical advantages.

Considering the location and other investment advantages of the project, the priority requirements of our country and the international achievements of Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, it has been evaluated that the realization of investments in the aviation and space industry will make significant contributions to the economy and employment of the region and our country.

It is necessary for macro companies to be located in the region and supporting (sub-industry) companies to be located in the surrounding facilities, as well as to establish special incentive mechanisms and higher coordination units for infrastructure investments.

The revision of the plans to expand the existing industrial zone within the Filyos Valley Project will pave the way for more employment and new production facilities to be added to the region.

When the Filyos Valley Project is fully implemented, an employment of over 10.000 people is expected. For the needs of the population that may arise, a preparation should be made in advance for all needs, especially in the fields of education, health, social equipment.

The location of the Filyos project and the Filyos Port in it is in a good location in terms of being a logistics center. It is a strong project with highway, airline, railway and seaway connections. It is considered that the macro plans of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the investments made accordingly are appropriate.

Autonomous models need to be built in port management. In order to provide fast and cost advantage, a model for management from a single center is recommended.

Filyos Port must be connected with the existing railroad and road in the short term. Filyos, Mersin and Çandarlı ports, which emerged within the scope of the 3 sea 3 port project, should be connected in the medium and long term. Thus, it is considered that it will make a great contribution to the strengthening of the north-south and east-west connections.

Within the framework of EU professional competencies, attention should be paid to the certified training and competence of the personnel who will be in the port and logistics center.

It is recommended that the formation processes of the certification centers for the production of machinery and equipment to be produced in the region and even throughout the country should be completed rapidly and a center should be established in the region when necessary.

Creating specialization areas will increase productivity.

It is recommended that regional universities cooperate and carry out joint projects, support the development of projects for the region, and in this context, project incentives should be given through the region-specific TÜBİTAK, Ministry of Industry and Technology, Development Agencies, KOSGEB.

The formation of supporting facilities (OIZ, specialization zone, etc.) around the Filyos Industrial Zone should be supported.

Supporting university students with models such as internship / part-time work will contribute to the formation of qualified human resources required for production in the region.

It is very important to open associate, undergraduate and graduate programs in regional universities and establish units such as center / institute / department-program in the Filyos Industrial Zone to provide the needed quality internal power.

In the upcoming studies regarding the Filyos Valley Project, foreign models should be examined and possible scenarios should be emphasized.

The socio-economic, cultural, ecological and other aspects of the Filyos Valley Project should be addressed separately by the relevant stakeholders.

The fact that competent sector representatives and leading institutions and organizations cooperate and share their views in a synergy environment and become aware of each other has made a significant contribution to the development of the Filyos Vadi Project. It is noteworthy that the Filyos Workshop is the first in its field in terms of creating awareness. We would like to express our gratitude to all our stakeholders who contributed to each stage of the workshop and to the press members who contributed to their public announcement.

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