If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Extra Weight, Attention To These Rules!

If you want to lose weight, pay attention to these rules.
If you want to lose weight, pay attention to these rules.

📩 11/02/2021 13:17

If you have a weight problem, if you have been on a diet for a long time, or if you only consume healthy foods and cannot lose weight even though you exercise, Dyt, an expert of DoktorTakvimi.com. Listen to Çağla Karaman. Do not fall into these mistakes made while losing weight!

Many people consider excess weight only as an aesthetic problem, they want to lose weight to look better. However, overweight causes many health problems from cardiovascular diseases to spine pain, from constant fatigue to joint problems. In short, it is of great importance to maintain our ideal weight both to look good and to protect our health. However, most of us have been dealing with excess weight due to reasons such as the increase in the time we spend at home due to the pandemic, inactivity, and the desire to eat more due to stress. Dietitian Çağla Karaman, one of DoktorTakvimi.com experts, draws attention to the mistakes made in the weight loss process and guides those who want to lose excess weight.

Restricted nutrition causes vitamin and mineral loss

Dyt says that the most common mistake people who want to lose weight make is to have a restricted diet. Karaman emphasizes that although this method causes weight loss in the first period, weight loss will stop after a short time. Reminding that it is inevitable for people who follow this program with very limited content to abandon their diet completely. Karaman said, “This situation will cause a much more rapid regain of the weight lost. In addition to the damage to the body by losing weight and gaining it again, vitamin and mineral losses will also be experienced as a result of long-term restricted nutrition. As a result of these losses, symptoms such as hair loss, nail breakage, weakness, forgetfulness can be seen. "Although this method has become popular, it causes more harm to the individual than good."

Consuming too much healthy foods is also harmful

Dyt, one of the experts of DoktorTakvimi.com, explains that it is not always possible for individuals to lose weight by calculating only the amount of calories they should take daily. Çağla Karaman says this is because we only look at foods as calories. Dyt pointed out that foods with a high glycemic index may cause fattening by rapidly increasing blood sugar. Karaman continues his words as follows: “But with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals in another food with the same calories, it can be the biggest supporter of your weight loss. In short, an individual who gains weight with a nutrition program prepared with simple sugar, pastry and chocolate containing 1500 calories can lose weight with a 1500 calorie nutrition program created in a sufficient and balanced manner. For this reason, not only the calorie calculation but also the content of the diet is very important. In the nutrition program of a healthy individual, milk and dairy products, meat, eggs, legumes, vegetables and fruits and the cereal group should be included and portion control should be provided. If these foods are consumed more than necessary, it is inevitable to be stored as fat in the body. For example, it is common to think that it can be consumed uncontrolled because of its high vitamin content. However, too much consumption of fruit, like any food, causes fat in the body. "

Uniform nutrition invites diseases

Dyt. Çağla Karaman states that uniform diets are not the right choice for weight loss. Dyt said that eating in this way almost invites the disease with the intake of very limited vitamins and minerals. Karaman draws attention to the importance of a colorful diet in order to be protected from diseases and cancer: “Consumption of colorful fruits and vegetables is recommended to protect against diseases, especially during seasonal transition. Purple-colored fruits with its strong antioxidant capacity, yellow-orange-colored vegetables-fruits with vitamin A content, and red-colored vegetables with lycopene content can be consumed. Diets containing a single type of nutrient such as apple diet, pumpkin diet, spinach diet are not sustainable and healthy. It has also been observed that individuals who make such diets later create distaste for that food and remove that food from their normal lives. "

Reminding that nutrition programs are based on many factors such as energy needs, diseases and preferences of the person, Dyt reminded. Therefore, Karaman states that using the same program in different individuals will cause problems, and the person will not be able to continue this program and lose weight. Dyt. “The same program can cause an individual to lose weight while another individual gains more energy than necessary. In the content of the diet program, there may be foods that the person will not consume, and feeding time differences between individuals. In addition, foods consumed in line with the person's illnesses or allergies will also differ. For this reason, the nutrition program should be prepared completely individually in terms of sustainability and compatibility ”.

Your weight may be caused by another health problem

The underlying problems need to be solved for weight loss to continue in a healthy way. Problems such as constipation, low or high blood values ​​can affect weight loss. Dyt, one of DoktorTakvimi.com experts. Çağla Karaman reminds that people with constipation problems should be given sufficient fiber, water and fat content in the diet, consume foods with high probiotic-prebiotic content, and also support the nutrition program with walking. Stating that the intestinal flora can be regulated with appropriate probiotic supplements in cases where the person is inadequate, Dyt. Karaman continues: “Vitamin D deficiency is observed in our country. In this case, the person should benefit from the sun at the right time and in the right way, and consult a doctor if it is insufficient. At the same time, imbalances in blood findings should be resolved with the multidisciplinary work of the doctor and dietitian. "

Weight is not lost just by exercising

Dyt pointed out that individuals who want to lose weight look for the way they think they will lose weight fastest. “However, when we look at obese individuals, it is observed that the weight is gained gradually, spreading over months and years. Just as the weight is gained slowly, it is expected to progress at the same speed while losing. However, the weight lost in this way will be permanent. Excess weight lost quickly in a very short time is doomed to be taken back at the same speed. In addition, nutrition and sports should not be separated from each other. Weight loss is below expectations in individuals who only exercise without paying attention to nutrition. Because 70 percent of the weight loss depends on nutrition and 30 percent depends on sports ”.

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