Why Factories Should Prefer Robotic Labeling?

Why factories should choose robotic labeling
Why factories should choose robotic labeling

📩 26/02/2021 14:34

As a result of Industry 4.0, autonomous and robot systems are becoming widespread day by day. As a result, why should many sectors from automotive to white goods, from food to personal care products prefer robotic labeling systems?

One of the main advantages of labeling with robots is undoubtedly the possibility of fast and uninterrupted production. The fact that robotic labeling allows labeling by moving labels at high speeds without the need to slow down the product on the conveyor belt is among the factors that increase efficiency.

Another advantage faced by factories in robotic labeling is the quality standard. Possible risks are eliminated by automating the labeling system and labeling exactly the desired points on the product every time with the vacuum pads integrated into the tip.


The provision of labeling automations tailored to the needs of the sector enables labeling on different points of different surfaces on products. On the other hand, robotic labeling is also friendly to factories by saving consumables. With the ribbon-saving summer-paste module, it is possible to reduce expenses by saving consumables.

Germany-based NOVEXX SOLUTIONS, which has proven its expertise with labeling projects, provides products and solutions for end users and supports integrator companies with applicator parts with labeling projects specially developed for the needs of its customers.

The system setups, which stand out with their features such as fast and unique Ribbon-saving Write-Paste module and different printer emulation with advanced I / O feature that provide fast integration, are projected in 10 days with NOVEXX SOLUTIONS experience, demo installations and trainings are provided, and the system is presented to the production line. .

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