New Decisions Under Covid-19 Measures for Ergan Ski Center

New decision within the scope of covid measures for ergan ski resort
New decision within the scope of covid measures for ergan ski resort

📩 20/02/2021 11:38

Within the scope of corona virus (Covid-19) measures for the Ergan Ski Center in Erzincan, the Provincial General Hygiene Council convened under the chairmanship of the Governor Mehmet Makas in accordance with Article 1593 of the Public Health Law No. 26 and new decisions were taken.

The decisions taken in the statement made by the governorship were listed as follows:

“1- On days with curfews, our city Ergan Ski Center, except for the licensed athletes who will participate in official sports competitions permitted by the Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate, but nobody except the athletes and trainers who are registered in the list determined by the same directorate and those who have an assignment certificate. the absence of entry permit, and the restriction of the entrance to our ski center, except for the guests specified in our Provincial General Hygiene Council decision numbered 01-04, who also stay at the hotels in our city and certify this.

2- Continuing to apply all epidemic measures, especially cleaning masks and distance, as an example to our citizens in all public institutions and organizations throughout our city, and to prevent disruptions by strictly following the measures by all the responsible unit chiefs.

3- In order to maintain inspections more effectively throughout our city, the personnel who work in the Outbreak Control Teams (all inspection teams) are frequently changed to take turns working.

4- Taking into account the fact that the curfews are imposed on the weekend throughout our province, taking into account the fact that the commercial activities are not interrupted, the open auto market, which has been suspended with our Assembly Decision dated 19.03.2020 and numbered 03-02, and which serves at the weekend, in auto markets prepared by the Ministry of Health (Coronavirus Scientific Committee) necessary measures to operate on Fridays until returning to routine working order, provided that the measures published in the Covid-19 Outbreak Management and Study Guide are followed.

Not to cause any disruption in the implementation of the above-mentioned measures and not to cause unjust treatment, to apply administrative fines to citizens who do not comply with the decisions taken in accordance with Article 282 of the General Hygiene Law, and to take action in accordance with the relevant articles of the law according to the situation of the violation, It was decided to initiate the necessary judicial proceedings within the scope of Article 195 of the Criminal Code. "

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