Second Dose Vaccine Application Started in Disabled and Elderly Care Institutions

Second dose vaccine application started in disabled and elderly care institutions
Second dose vaccine application started in disabled and elderly care institutions

Within the scope of the vaccination program carried out within the scope of the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), the second dose of CoronaVac vaccine was started to be administered to the staff and the staff in the disabled and elderly care institutions under the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

Within the scope of the vaccination program, the elderly residents and employees of Seyranbağları Nursing Home Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Center received the second dose of vaccinations.

In the nursing home, where many measures have been implemented against Kovid-19, from the visitor ban to the "fixed shift" working system for a long time, vaccination studies are carried out in the vaccination room after the fever measurements of the people are made in accordance with the mask, distance and hygiene rules.

The vaccines, which are delivered to institutions by protecting the cold chain within the framework of the measures determined by the Ministry of Health, are made by nurses under the supervision of a doctor.

"We Hope Our Elders Meet With Their Loved Ones In The Elderly Week"

Disabled and Elderly Services General Manager Orhan Koc said in a statement after vaccination, the fight against Kovid-19 outbreak in Turkey has continued for nearly a year and recalled that the country started to take measures in cases without being seen.

Aries indicating that the first cases seen in Turkey and then continued increasing measures, a great work of sacrifice voiced disabled and elderly services staff in this process.

Emphasizing that the elderly who stay in nursing homes despite not being able to meet their loved ones continue the process with great devotion, Koç reminded that the elderly and the disabled are prioritized in vaccination and that the first dose of vaccines are given.

Stating that all personnel working in services for the disabled and elderly were also vaccinated, Koç said: “After the vaccination, no problems have been experienced until today. Our processes regarding the first vaccination have been completed. 87 thousand disabled people, elderly people and service personnel were vaccinated. Today, our second dose of vaccine is being made. All of our elderly people staying in nursing homes, disabled people staying in disabled care centers and all of our staff serving them will be vaccinated. Hopefully, after our second vaccine, a process will pass at the point of formation of antibodies for 15-20 days of immunization. After that, we hope that in the Elderly Week of March 18-24, as a result of consultations with our Scientific Committee members, our elderly people will meet their loved ones this year. We wish to give the good news that our elders can meet their loved ones with the Scientific Committee. I would like to express that our elders are close to reaching healthy and healthy days. "

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