For the Correct Use of Food Supplements, 'Your Advice is in the Pharmacy'

Your advice for the correct use of food supplements is at the pharmacy
Your advice for the correct use of food supplements is at the pharmacy

📩 11/02/2021 12:12

Bayer Consumer Health has initiated a long-term certificate program for pharmacists with Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Pharmacy.

The certified training program, which is prepared to guide consumers on food supplements correctly, to protect public health and to support pharmacists, the first and the most important intermediary of this issue, will be accessible to 2021 thousand pharmacists by the end of June 27.

Bayer Consumer Health, which supported pharmacists who took the responsibility of informing the public about food supplements by organizing face-to-face trainings with 9 pharmacists in 1000 different cities last year, aims to reach many more pharmacists throughout 2021. Certificate programs Medipol the Istanbul University Continuing Education Center (SEM) and the distance education system will be carried out will be obtained this way is a common access all the in Turkey. Prof. Dr. Functional Medicine Physician Ercüment İlgüz, Uzm. Pharmacist Levent Gökgünneç, Exp. Pharmacist Taner Döven, Dietician Yeşim Temel Özcan, Dr. from Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Pharmacy. Faculty Member Dyt. Pharm. Neda Taner and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Communication Dr. The education program, which was shot in the studio in the Media Center of the university by professionals with Korhan Mavnacıoğlu, consists of a total of 40 hours. Pharmacists who complete the 40-hour training program will be entitled to receive the Istanbul Medipol University & Bayer certificate at the "Recommended Pharmacy". The relevant certificate program will be updated and repeated with new contents at the end of each semester.

Accurate information on food supplements in pharmacies

30% of health literacy in Turkey is currently representing Bayer Consumer Care Country Manager for Turkey Erdem Kumcu, a huge task in terms of protection of public health to fall further stated that the pharmacist. Constitutive, "Dietary Supplements and Nutrition Society of dietary supplement use rates in Turkey this year, according to research commissioned by quite high and consumers are available from pharmacies 82% of the food supplement products. Accessing the right information, content and consultancy in the field of Food Supplements has become more important than ever for consumers, especially during the pandemic period. At this point, our most important goal is to support pharmacists with up-to-date information and to direct consumers to physicians and pharmacists about accurate information. Since dietary supplementation is a serious issue, non-experts' advice can threaten public health. As Bayer Consumer Health, we always tell consumers 'Advice at the Pharmacy' and ask them to consult pharmacists on food supplements. " said.

Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Pharmacy Dean Prof. Dr. Gul Zehra Omurtag one of the most important building blocks of Pharmacists of health services in Turkey and that the most important health and society for the protection of health and consult with those who said he was a great role in the sustainable. For this reason, Omurtag emphasized that it is very important to organize these programs with very valuable expert trainers in cooperation with Istanbul Medipol University Continuing Education Center, and for years, "Pharmacy Academy", "Sports Pharmacy", "Pharmaceutical Sector Product Management Training" "," Professional Pharmacy Management Certificate Program "for pharmacists, he stated that they continue successfully. Mr. Omurtag, with Bayer's "Bayer Consumer Health" Group, is the Istanbul Medipol University Continuing Education Center, which is directly related to consumer health and includes the issue of conscious use of food supplements, which consumers tend to even more in this period when the COVID pandemic is experienced worldwide. He stated that he sees the realization in cooperation as an awareness of social responsibility.

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