The countdown has begun for the Digital Pharmacy Summit 2021

The countdown has begun for the digital pharmacy summit
The countdown has begun for the digital pharmacy summit

📩 22/02/2021 14:35

“Digital Pharmacy Summit 2021” will be held between 25-27 March 2021, in collaboration with Izmir Chamber of Pharmacists.

Making a statement on behalf of the Digital Pharmacy Summit 2021 Organizing Committee, Pharm. Hakan Gençosmanoğlu said, “Our aim is to contribute to the development of our profession, which is one of the basic building blocks of health services. At our summit, we will focus on every aspect of medicine and our profession. We will examine the developing pharmacy profession, the field of social health, current changes and the future in a free and independent environment, taking into account our social responsibilities in the world and in our country. Of course, we will open our professional problems and solution suggestions to discussion. "We will present our point of view, our goals, knowledge and science to the knowledge of all concerned, with common sense."

Stating that there are many interesting topics in the scientific program of the summit, Gençosmanoğlu said, “Pandemic: Is there a drug treatment, should we be vaccinated ?; Depression and anxiety; Vitamin D: What is it for, when is it useful and the right dosage ?; Common Risk Factors and Their Management; Reaching and maintaining ideal weight; How should we exercise? "Sessions will be held where the presentations of scientists who have a say in their field will take place."

Stating that they will be happy and honored to be together with pharmacists, scientists, managers and representatives at every stage of the field of health, medicine and pharmacy at the “Digital Pharmacy Summit 2021”, Gençosmanoğlu said that the Pharmacist's Voice of the Digital Pharmacy Summit 2021 with its staff and experience, Serenas Live's strong He added that it will be realized with its infrastructure and organization.

All the details and scientific program about "Digital Pharmacy Summit 2021" It is located at.

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