Delphi Technologies Highlights Aftermarket of Electric Vehicles

delphi technologies electric vehicles draw attention to aftermarket
delphi technologies electric vehicles draw attention to aftermarket

📩 19/02/2021 14:44

Delphi Technologies, which is under the roof of BorgWarner and develops future-oriented solutions for automotive equipment manufacturers, continues to offer the future opportunities in electric vehicles to the after-sales world.

Stating that the worldwide electric vehicle fleet is likely to reach 2030 million in 245, the company draws attention to the maintenance and repair requirements that will increase depending on the life of these vehicles. In this context, Delphi Technologies listed the issues that pose a danger and need attention in the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles, especially batteries and brakes. Delphi Technologies, which continues to enlighten the after-sales sector with the information it provides, aims to enable its services to gain competence in the maintenance of electric vehicles with the trainings it provides.

Delphi Technologies, which is under the roof of BorgWarner, the world leader in clean and efficient vehicle technology solutions and offers after-sales solutions for the world's leading vehicle manufacturers, continues to show the opportunities in the world of electric vehicles. Taking a pioneering role in this field with both informative studies and after-sales training, Delphi Technologies also draws attention to the maintenance and repair requirements that will increase depending on the life cycle of electric vehicles. Emphasizing that services that invest in the equipment and knowledge required for safe operation can benefit from the opportunities that may arise from these requirements, the company also draws attention to the determination of electric vehicle sales and future predictions in this regard.

Growth of the electric vehicle market will continue exponentially

According to the information from Delphi Technologies; It is seen that global electric vehicle sales, which increased by 2018 percent in 65, declined by 2019 percent in 9, but with the effect of the sensitivities created by the global epidemic in 2020, it has started to grow again. The work of analysis and consulting firm Wood Mackenzie already points to the economical feasibility of owning an electric vehicle in the automotive industry compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle. In this context, it is predicted that the sector will reach 2024 USD / KWh before 100, depending on the progress of battery prices below the predicted. Looking at Europe, while the electric vehicle market has increased by 25 percent with the effect of government incentives, it is aimed to revive sales by applying an exemption to the purchase tax in China. In the USA, the ban on the sale of new gasoline and diesel powered passenger cars until 2035 in the state of California is expected to set an example for other states. While it is stated that vehicle manufacturers are planning to offer an estimated 2022 new models by 450, the product range is expected to increase further in the next 10 years as the demand for electric vehicles becomes stronger. According to the studies of the International Energy Agency, it is predicted that the worldwide electric vehicle fleet will reach 2030 million in 245, more than 30 times today.

Maintenance needs of used hybrid and electric vehicles are increasing!

Delphi Technologies; He emphasizes that the maintenance-repair requirements are increasing for hybrid and electric vehicles with an average history of less than 20 years. For example, the maintenance of brake and steering systems and the maintenance required for sensors that give fault signals are now more important. However, many services, who think that they will be exposed to the dangers that may arise from high voltage battery vehicles, continue to stay away from this area. Delphi Technologies demonstrates that technicians can work confidently and competently on hybrid and electric vehicles by learning about key hazards and gaining the knowledge to overcome them.

In this context, the high-voltage battery issue stands out as the most important issue to be overcome in maintenance and repair. Electric vehicle batteries; With voltage levels ranging from 201,6 Volts to 351,5 Volts (PHEV), it operates at a much higher voltage than the 12-volt vehicle battery in internal combustion vehicles. In the DC (direct charge) battery pack; There are many cables that carry equally dangerous high voltages, from the battery pack to the engine control unit and the electromotor. Accidental contact with any of these equipment can have fatal consequences. In addition to electric shock, serious burning from arc blast or explosion and exposure to harmful battery chemicals are other risks. In addition, hybrid and electric vehicles generate an intense magnetic field during operation of the electromotor or vehicle. Therefore, a service representative with a pacemaker should not work on the system due to the magnetic field in question.

Things to do for a safe maintenance

Despite all these alarming factors, risks can be reduced by following the right procedures. First, it is recommended that technicians use the correct personal protective equipment, including CAT 0 1000V rated insulated gloves, insulated boots and mats to protect against electric shock. In addition, the electric vehicle must be secured in a cordoned area with appropriate high voltage warning signs. Keeping the vehicle key away is important in order to prevent the electrical systems from starting accidentally or the vehicle from moving. Again, before extremely simple and routine procedures such as brake replacement, technicians must first ensure vehicle safety. In this context, it is recommended to remove the service plug or isolator switch, then remove it to a safe place and disconnect the high voltage battery. However, since the high voltage will take 10 minutes to dissipate, technicians need to be careful. Therefore, it is important to check whether high voltage cables and electrical components are live before starting any work.

Delphi Technologies trainings give maintenance and repair competence!

Delphi Technologies, which is a pioneer brand in hybrid and electric vehicle technologies as well as in internal combustion engine, can provide industry stakeholders with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate safely. In this direction, the company; In the field of maintenance and repair of electric vehicles, where expert skills are still insufficient, it offers the services the opportunity to be ready to serve the vehicle technologies of the future. Within the scope of training courses specially designed by Delphi Technologies and managed by an expert; Many issues such as the need for personal protective equipment, component identification, securing the system, knowing the magnetic components, using wiring diagrams and technical data, evaluating the high voltage system are covered.

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