Davut Can Tayyar Will Introduce Anatolia With Downhill Vlogs

Davut Can Tayyar Introduces Anatolia With Downhill Vlogs
Davut Can Tayyar Introduces Anatolia With Downhill Vlogs

📩 17/02/2021 14:54

Downhill athlete Davut Can Tayyar started negotiations to produce video content in 10 different cities of Anatolia.

The downhill is followed with interest all over the world downhill sports, also becoming increasingly common in Turkey. Especially where young people are interested in this sport, it is seen as an important opportunity for the promotion of Turkey. Downhill athlete Davut Can Tayyar stands out among the names operating in this context. Downhill branch in the national ranking in the top 3 global ranking in the top 200 Situated David Can Tayyar, with videos that get to be monitored over 500 thousand in social media both youth to turn to this branch aims to contribute to the promotion of Turkey. Tayyar, who has shot in Antalya, Alanya, Hatay, Gaziantep, Istanbul and Izmir provinces as well as Hungary and Bulgaria, will now turn his route to Anatolia.

Shooting will be made in 10 different locations in Anatolia

Sharing the details on the subject, Davut Can Tayyar said, “I aim to introduce our cities and towns with a different perspective by shooting vlogs at 2021 different locations in Anatolia until the end of 10. In this context, I currently have cooperation and sponsorships with 10 different private brands, and negotiations continue. As a Twitch broadcaster and coach with over 100 thousand views today, I have reached over 500 thousand views with the video content I posted from other social media. I have seen that 13-25% of the young people between the ages of 65-70 are closely followed and 35% of the youth are abroad. At this point I believe my project to a different dimension to Turkey's image in the international arena. " said.

Creating DownHill Garage

Stating that he will also create a platform called DownHill Garage with the budgets provided from social media revenues, Davut Can Tayyar said, “Awareness events and free workshops will be held in Downhill Garage, which is planned to open in May-June. Free technical support will also be provided to needy athletes whose financial situation is insufficient. I look forward to representing our country globally as a national athlete with this federation, which is planned to be created based on the expectations in the sector. " he spoke.

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