Demand for DASK Insurance Increased

Demand for DASK Insurance Increased
Demand for DASK Insurance Increased

Located on high-risk earthquake zones in Turkey is experiencing a new destructive earthquakes every year and comes Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is one of the most important issues need. Generali Sigorta, with its deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, drew attention to the latest data of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, which provides assurance against material damages directly caused by the earthquake.

Policy rate increased by 2020% in 5.3

According to the data shared by the Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (DASK) regarding the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, which gained importance after the earthquakes that occurred in Kocaeli and Düzce in 1999, there was a new policy increase of 2019% in 7.3 and 2020% in 5.3. The number of policies in force specifically for Compulsory Earthquake Insurance has exceeded 10 million.

Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir are in the top 3

According to the data of Generali Sigorta, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir were ranked in the top 2020 in 3 in terms of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, which covers the material damages caused by the earthquake. These provinces were followed by Antalya, Bursa, Adana, Sakarya and Samsun.

Rate of women 35%

When the percentages of obtaining TCIP insurance in 2020 through the data of Generali Sigorta, online and through the agency channel, the distribution of 35% women and 65% men was reflected in the statistics. The age distribution for Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, on the other hand, was 23.6% between the ages of 50-59, 22.5% between 40-49, and 13.7% between the ages of 30-39.


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