Online Bridal Sales After Covid-19

online bridal sales after covid
online bridal sales after covid

📩 23/02/2021 15:34

The coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world, caused many habits to change in the fashion world. During the quarantine period applied throughout the pandemic period, wedding dress rehearsals started to be received on online platforms.

The quarantine measures implemented in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic have led both fashion houses and young girls on the eve of marriage to new searches.

While the rehearsal processes, which are carried out entirely over the web, prevent the loss of business of fashion houses, it also ensures that the bride-to-be will have their dream wedding dress without any problems. At the end of the rehearsal processes carried out entirely on the web, the wedding dresses shipped are delivered without any problems.

Famous fashion designer Özge Yılmaz, who made statements on the subject; “The pandemic process has deeply affected all of us. The closure of the wedding halls and the postponement of the invitations held in crowded and closed environments caused the habits to change. Especially young girls who are about to get married were affected by this process ”.


Stating that they have been providing service in the sector for more than 20 years with the White House Fashion House brand, Özge Yılmaz; “European Turkish citizens especially in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France appreciate this practice very much. Bride-to-be candidates who do not want to travel by plane due to the pandemic cannot visit. For this reason, we serve our customers completely through online and digital channels ”. The young fashion designer who stated that one-to-one work can be done if the body measurements are conveyed accurately and completely; “Our support continues completely during the measurement process. We advance all stages such as lace selection and fabric selection over video conferencing. We keep in constant communication after the cargo process. In this way, we get through a smooth process.


The famous fashion designer who stated that they prepared the creation of the year 2021 with the signature of White House by Özge Yılmaz, “The wedding and open air weddings due to the coronavirus led to the selection of comfortable and shabby models in wedding dress preferences. With the new year, we will see many Hellenes, fish models and straight cut bridal gowns, ”he said.

Who it is: White House Fashion House has been making the dreams of more than 20 thousand customers come true with custom made evening dresses, engagement dresses, henna dresses, after parties and bridal dresses in its Bakırköy store for more than 10 years. Being one of the oldest fashion houses in Bakırköy, White House accelerates the digitalization attack that it started with Özge Yılmaz and serves its customers in Europe and Gulf countries with online rehearsals and measurement videos. Under the signature of the young fashion designer White House by Özge Yılmaz, Chloe Ortaç was awarded the best design wedding dress in the fashion show where Chloe Ortaç was the lead model.

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