With the Children's Gardens Campaign, Every Child Has a Tree of Its Own

With the children's garden campaign, every child has a tree of their own
With the children's garden campaign, every child has a tree of their own

📩 21/02/2021 13:56

With the Children's Garden Campaign initiated by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services in 2019 to raise environmental awareness and instill love for the forest in children under protection and care, 31 thousand saplings have met with the soil by children so far.

Children's Playground tree planting campaign is under the protection and care which aims to create awareness about the protection of children and the environment Ministry trees, planting of saplings in Turkey continues its four corners.

Saplings selected in accordance with the climate and soil conditions of each province are planted by children. Children who have the opportunity to take care of all processes from grafting to pruning personally, thus establish closer contact with the soil and witness the development of a sapling.

Murat: "It Made Me Pride To Offer Nature A Gift From Me"

15-year-old Murat, who stayed at the Sinop Children's Houses Coordination Center (ÇEKOM), stated that he was happy to be in touch with nature and said, “Planting a sapling with my own hands reminded me of life and rebirth. "It made me proud to offer nature a gift from me." 16-year-old Bilge, who stayed at Kırıkkale ÇEKOM, said, “I was very excited while I was going to plant my sapling. This was a great gift for humanity and me. "Everyone should plant a sapling and contribute to nature."

With the campaign carried out in all provinces with coronavirus measures, 2019 thousand saplings have been planted since 31. The campaign includes children under protection and care in institutions, children with foster families and their foster families, children supported within the scope of social and economic support service, Members of the Provincial Child Rights Committee, children benefiting from the School Support Program, Children are Safe Program and Mobile Child Social Service Unit. It is aimed to bring a total of 1 million saplings to the soil, including the identified children, those separated from the establishment and their families.

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