China's Giant Ship Haixun Begins Mission in 06 Taiwan Strait

thousand ton haixun ship commenced duty in taiwan strait
thousand ton haixun ship commenced duty in taiwan strait

📩 11/02/2021 16:37

The opening of the Taiwan Strait patrol ship, built by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC) company, took place with an official ceremony. The ship will become China's largest sea rescue patrol in the Taiwan Strait when it enters service.

The Taiwan Strait is carefully monitored by the Chinese Ministry of Transport as it is one of the regions with a very high risk of accidents in Chinese waters. The new ship, whose construction has been completed, will patrol the area in question, protecting its sovereignty and interests in the country's territorial waters.

The ship named Haixun 701, designed by "Institute 06" in Fujian province of China for CSIC's Maritime Security Department, has a huge size of 5 thousand tons. Haixun 06 is 128,6 meters tall in total; 16 meters wide and 7,9 meters deep. The ship, which can speed up to 20 knots, can move very fast, as it can move 5 tons of water in the sea. On the other hand, the ship can patrol the sea for 566 days without any reinforcements. Equipped with the most advanced technology, the ship also bears the title of CSIC's biggest investment to date.

According to the Institute's statement, the ship will also serve purposes such as regulation of the waters of the Taiwan Strait, prevention of marine pollution, intervention in marine accidents, and maintaining national sovereignty in the sea within the framework of many functions. It will also be used for maritime surveillance missions and emergency situations.

Source: China International Radio

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