China Inaugurates Another New Railway Line to Europe

gin opens a new railway line to europe
gin opens a new railway line to europe

📩 25/02/2021 13:43

China, which has increased the power of the railway in its trade with Europe in recent years and opened a new railway line between different countries and China, added a new one to this ring. The new line, which has been put into service, is between Chengdu city in southwestern China and St. It will connect the city of Petersburg.

The first freight train, which opened this line, hit the road this week from Chengdu, carrying supplies for a key project of the "Belt and Road Initiative". Chengdu International Railway Service Co., Ltd. According to Deputy General Manager Wang Weikun, the train was in St. Petersburg is expected to arrive in 13 days. This period is, of course, much shorter than shipping by sea, which requires a period of one to two months, especially with the effect of Covid-19.

Chengdu International Railway Port Management Committee announced that the number of China-Europe freight trains increased by 33,3 percent during the Spring Festival compared to the same period last year.

Source: China International Radio

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