CEVA Logistics Signs Airbus Production Supply Agreement in Hamburg

Ceva logistics signs airbus manufacturing supply contract in hamburg
Ceva logistics signs airbus manufacturing supply contract in hamburg

📩 25/02/2021 12:32

CEVA Logistics will be responsible for the production procurement for the A320 family structural assembly, as well as the hardware of the aircraft frame accents in Hamburg, as well as the production and hardware of the A330 and A350 accents, and will manage the warehouse, which is located on an area of ​​more than 50.000 square meters.

CEVA Logistics, which has made great strides in the international aviation industry, signed a contract to manage the production procurement process for Airbus at the aircraft manufacturer's assembly facility in Hamburg, Germany.

CEVA will be responsible for the production procurement logistics process on behalf of Airbus at several facilities built on a total area of ​​58.631 m2. Inbound, docking-storage, collection, preparation, market, internal shipping, delivery to the point of use, returns, transportation of empty boxes and external shipment are among the services to be provided.

Developments based on LEAN principles in logistics

Within the scope of this new contract, CEVA wants to start and implement developments and projects in the field of logistics based on LEAN principles in order to further increase the efficiency rate in the facilities.

The spare parts and component contract for Airbus in 2020 and successfully executed by CEVA played a key role in signing this new contract.

CEVA CEO Mathieu Friedberg In his statement on the subject: “With the signing of the new Airbus contract, CEVA has once again demonstrated its capacity and determination in the field of aviation logistics. Both companies have been successfully collaborating on other projects from the past, and the latest example of this is the recently executed spare parts and components contract in Hamburg. “Innovative operations and delivery solutions, combined with CEVA's vast expertise in this industry, played an important role in the execution of this new contract”.

In line with the Protection of Employment During the Operating Period (TUPE) legislation, existing staff of facilities in Hamburg will be incorporated into CEVA.

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