Walk Like a Penguin to Avoid Falling on Ice and Snow

Walk like a penguin on ice and snow
Walk like a penguin on ice and snow

Medicana Sivas Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Mustafa Kısa pointed out that there was an increase in the cases of falling and fractured dislocations due to the ice formed after the snowfall and with the decrease of the cold weather to minus degrees, and recommended walking on ice and snow with short and slow steps like penguins.

“There is a very important example for us in nature, we have to walk like penguins. While penguins are walking, we should walk with the body and knees slightly bent and slightly bent forward, hands and feet open to one side, and when walking, our feet should be spread to the side rather than at body level. " used the expressions.

Short; “While walking, we should also pay attention to some things, for example, we should not walk while looking at the phone in our hand. Since we will focus our attention on the phone, we may fall uncontrolled in any fall. We should not carry bags in our hands as much as possible, and we should avoid weights as it will disturb the balance of our body while walking. Finally, we should never walk with hands in pockets, ”he said.

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