Arbitration and Credit Lawsuits for Bursaray Resulted in Favor of Bursa

The arbitration and receivable cases opened for bursaray are concluded in favor of Bursa
The arbitration and receivable cases opened for bursaray are concluded in favor of Bursa

📩 14/02/2021 11:31

Siemens, Tüvasaş. The last Arbitration case filed by the international BHRS Consortium consisting of Simko, Güriş İnşaat and Ansaldo against the Metropolitan Municipality for the 'Bursa Light Rail System 1st Stage Construction Work has also been concluded in favor of Bursa. Since 2001, 5 of the International Arbitration Court (ICC), 1 in Turkey and 1 as a result of court cases in the Netherlands court, 'along with commercial interest' 2.5 billion A source close to Metropolitan was stuck in the Municipality of the safe .

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality scored an international legal victory. The Arbitration and Receivable Lawsuits filed against the Metropolitan Municipality due to the Bursa Light Rail System 1st Stage Construction Work were concluded in favor of Bursa. Undertaking the rail system construction, Siemens A.Ş., Tüvasaş. Simko, Güriş İnş. Eng. A.S. and Ansaldo, the international BHRS Consortium filed an Arbitration case in 2001 against the Metropolitan Municipality. The first Arbitration Case amounting to 39 million 420 thousand DEM was rejected by the ICC Arbitration Court in favor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. During the process, the consortium member Güriş İnş. and Eng. A.S. A second Arbitration Case was filed for 13 million 786 thousand Euros by 'underpaid progress payments and many issues were brought to court'. 7 million 812 thousand Euros of the second case was accepted, 5 million 100 thousand Euros of the part was rejected. Güriş İnş. Eng. A.S. A third Arbitration Case of 13 million 242 thousand Euros was filed for the damages incurred due to the extension of time. 5 million 700 thousand Euros of the third case was accepted and 7 million 550 thousand Euros of the part was rejected. In the fourth Arbitration Case of 29 million 800 thousand Euros, a decision of non-jurisdiction was given. Later, 39 million 325 thousand Euros of Receivable Law filed in Netherlands La Haye Court and the debt lawsuit filed at Bursa 1st Civil Court of First Instance were concluded in favor of the Metropolitan Municipality. The last time, Güriş İnş. Eng. A.Ş.'s fifth Arbitration Case demanding '26 million 700 thousand Euros and commercial interest to be processed as of January 18, 2001' was rejected in favor of the municipality as of 10 February 2021. As a result of the legal struggle of the Metropolitan Municipality Legal Consultancy lawyers against international law offices that lasted until 2021, the figure of approximately 2.5 billion TL was left in the pockets of the people of Bursa.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş also played a major role for the benefit of the people of Bursa in the collection phase of the second and third arbitration cases concluded against the consortium. During the collection of approximately 13.5 million Euros, which was finalized by the relevant courts, the amount to be paid was revised as a result of the efforts of President Alinur Aktaş. As a result of the peace protocols signed by Mayor Aktaş with the company officials and approved by the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the plaintiff company was ensured to waive all trial expenses and interests, and millions of TL were left in the municipal cash.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that with the 2.5 billion TL obtained as a result of the legal struggle, the money of Bursa residents remained in Bursa. Stating that they attach special importance to savings while managing the Metropolitan Municipality, they aim to achieve the highest efficiency with the least cost in investments and services, Mayor Aktaş noted that international arbitration and receivables cases are also evaluated within this framework. Mayor Aktaş, who expressed his happiness for the fact that the Metropolitan Municipality was 'wrongfully sued' from the international courts and congratulated the Legal Counselor staff, said, “We will continue to protect even a single penny of Bursa from now on as we have done so far. Efficient use of resources is as important to us as investments and services. Within the framework of this understanding, we are determined to make Bursa a more livable city ”.

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