Integration of Bursa T2 Tram Line to T1 Continues Day and Night

Bursa t tram line integration continues day and night
Bursa t tram line integration continues day and night

The integration of the T2 tram line, which is the project of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to connect the rail system with the north of the city, to the T1 line continues uninterruptedly day and night.

The work within the scope of the tender for completing the missing productions of the Kent Meydani Terminal tram line, which is projected by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in line with the goals of weaving the city with iron nets, continues rapidly. It is planned to integrate the T9 line with a total length of 445 thousand 11 meters with 2 stations into the T1 line in 3 stages. In the first stage of the works, the work that started in the area connected to Istanbul Street of Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi for the scissors assembly and catenary pole manufacturing continues intensively. In order for the works to be completed as soon as possible, the teams working day and night spend a lot of time on the dismantling of the existing rails, breaking the concrete, the installation of a 220-meter-long rail, the installation of 2 trusses and the production of 12 catenary pole foundations.

Meanwhile, with the integration of the two lines, citizens who get on the tram from the Terminal will have the opportunity to go up to Heykel without interruption.

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