Quality of Life Increases in Rural Bursa

quality of life is increasing in the countryside of Bursa
quality of life is increasing in the countryside of Bursa

📩 14/02/2021 11:44

Work has accelerated in the construction of the Neighborhood Mansion, which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in the Çayırlı District of Yenişehir.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the projects that will carry Bursa into the future, continues uninterruptedly in 17 districts, especially in rural neighborhoods, to increase the quality of life. Despite the pandemic process in which investments have come to a standstill all over the world, the Metropolitan Municipality, which never compromises on infrastructure and transportation investments, continues to provide social reinforcement areas to the rural neighborhoods in need. In this context, works are progressing rapidly in the Mahalle Mansion, which was designed for the Çayırlı District of Yenişehir. The project, for which the rough construction has been completed, is being implemented on an area of ​​5938 square meters. The project, built on a total area of ​​520 square meters, includes a wedding hall and kitchen, mukhtar's office, cooperative management room, guest accommodation, barber's room and a terrace area of ​​212 square meters.

Needs are met

Stating that they handle Bursa as a whole with its 17 districts and implement the required services one by one, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş underlined that their priority is transportation and infrastructure. Stating that they attach importance to the priorities of the people especially in rural neighborhoods, Mayor Aktaş said, “In this context, there were requests for neighborhood mansions from different neighborhoods. We have also accelerated our work in Çayırlı District of Yenişehir. Hopefully, we will complete it in a short time and put it at the service of our people. "Good luck already" he said.

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