Bursa Chestnut Candy Now Has a Geographical Indication

bursa chestnut sugar now has a geographical sign
bursa chestnut sugar now has a geographical sign

📩 11/02/2021 15:56

Chestnut candy, one of the famous tastes of Bursa, has now gained a geographical indication. Bursa Chestnut Sugar, produced in Bursa by the initiatives of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and identified with the city, received a geographical indication from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

BTSO, the umbrella organization of Bursa business world, chestnut candy, cevizli He filed a geographical indication application to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for Turkish delight, grape must, cantık, pita with tahini, Bursa Döner Kebab and milk halva. The first good news from BTSO's geographical indication applications came from chestnut candy. The geographical indication registration studies of chestnut sugar, which has been in production for many years in Bursa, have been successfully completed. Bursa Chestnut Candy, one of the most important tastes of Bursa, now has a geographical indication registration. With the registration of the geographical indication, the production and local characteristics of Bursa chestnut sugar were protected.


İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of BTSO, said that there are approximately 10 thousand products with geographical indication throughout the world. Geographical sign, $ 200 billion worldwide, while in Europe 60 billion euros near a market Burkay President noted that it is available, "Bursamız geographical structure of agricultural production, its history and one of Turkey's richest city in terms of traditional and local products with cultural diversity . We aim to preserve the values ​​we have as a chamber and pass it on to future generations. " said.


Mayor Burkay stated that they are working to get geographical indication registration for products unique to Bursa and said, “Chestnut candy is a product identified with our Bursa. In line with the demands of our sector representatives, the first product we applied for was Bursa chestnut candy. It is gratifying to obtain a geographical indication for chestnut sugar from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Hopefully, we aim to start working to obtain a geographical indication from the European Union for Bursa Chestnut Candy in the near future. " he spoke.


BTSO Chairman Burkay, as well as Bursa chestnut sugar cevizli He said that geographical indication studies are continuing for Turkish delight, cantık, pide with tahini, Bursa Döner Kebab, milk halva and grape must. Stating that the contributions of the products to the Bursa economy will increase with the geographical indication registration certificate, President Burkay pointed out that the geographical indication increases the added value of the products. Burkay said, “With the registration of the geographical indication, both the added value of Bursa-specific products and the income of the producers will increase. Our Chamber Business Development Unit also serves as the Turkish Patent Information and Documentation Unit. We will continue to work for the registration of the products in Bursa in the upcoming period. " said.


By registering the originality of the products, geographical signs add distinctive qualities to local products and increase the added value of the products. Thus, it develops local economies by providing producers with a competitive advantage. By working effectively on the inspection, promotion and marketing of geographical signs, BTSO

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