Winners of Bursa Inns Region Çarşıbaşı Urban Design Project Have Been Determined

the winners of the urban design project of bursa inns area carsibasi determined
the winners of the urban design project of bursa inns area carsibasi determined

📩 02/02/2021 18:19

The competition organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the determination of Bursa Inns Region Çarşıbaşı Urban Design Project, which is preparing to mark the future, has been concluded. As a result of the careful evaluation of the jury, the project number 10, where Architect Ece Avcı was the team leader, was deemed worthy of the first place.

One more stage has been passed in the project, which will reveal the Historical Bazaar and the Khans Area, which started to be formed in the 14th century in Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and completed its development with the formation of inns, covered bazaars and bazaars in the 16th century. Within the scope of the project of the Metropolitan Municipality, which was also supported by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the demolition of 40 shops surrounding the tomb of the 15th Ottoman sheikhulislam known as Bursalı Esiri Mehmet Efendi, just behind the Red Crescent, İşkur, Central Bank and Pirinç Han, was completed. On the one hand, while expropriations continue, on the other hand, the competition to determine the project to be applied to the region after the demolitions was completed.

Will mark the future

35 projects from Amasya, Istanbul, Kahramanmaraş, Ankara, Bursa, Kayseri, Sakarya, Kocaeli and Van participated in the contest for the historical project that is expected to mark the future of Bursa. Prof. Dr. Neslihan Dostoğlu's evaluation of the jury consisting of architect Mithat Kırayoğlu, Master Architect Ahmet Yılmaz, Master Architect Bünyamin Derman, Architect Ömer Selçuk Baz, Landscape Architect / Master Urban Designer Sunay Erdem and City and Regional Planner Alp Kaya process is completed. The jury team chose the project number 10, where the architect Ece Avcı, who will take the Tophane slopes and the historical inns area as a whole and will completely pedestrianize the area, was the team leader. In the competition, project number 22, where Architect Osman Can Bagatır was the team leader, was the second and project number 35, where Master Architect Fatih Yavuz was the team leader, came in third. Also, 3 projects were deemed worthy of mention in the competition.

Attraction point

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that the Historical Bazaar and Hanlar Area, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a very important and valuable area and thanked all the architects who participated in the competition and the jury members who followed the process from the beginning for their efforts. Stating that they put the common mind into action in the project to be implemented for this region, which is the attraction center of Bursa, and opened a competition throughout the country, Mayor Aktaş said, “We do not only want to demolish an area and open a place, but really bring an area to light. When we say that history and green day comes to light in Payitaht Bursa, we really act by considering all aspects of the business, the tradesmen there in economic dimensions, transportation, pedestrian circulation and all other factors. Our competition process has been completed. Hopefully, our expropriation and destruction efforts in the region will continue. I hope we will all see the change in the region at the end of this year ”.

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