Başkent Market ASKİ Branch Attracted Great Interest From The First Day

baskent market hanging branch was intense interest from the first day
baskent market hanging branch was intense interest from the first day

📩 11/02/2021 14:11

The number of “Başkent Market” branches, which is among the most important projects of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş in order to ensure rural development, is increasing day by day. Halk Ekmek Factory, which recently opened a branch in Kızılay, opened its 5th branch in ASKİ General Directorate on Kazım Karabekir Street.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş continues to implement projects that prioritize rural development in Başkent.

President Yavaş, who continues to stand by both the local producers and the people of Başkent, expands the “Başkent Market” model, which he shows as one of his important projects. While the number of Başkent Markets serving within the Halk Ekmek Fabrikası is increasing day by day, the address of the 5th branch has also been determined. The 5th of Başkent Market, which includes natural and healthy products on its shelves, was opened in ASKİ General Directorate on Kazım Karabekir Street.


The interest of citizens in Başkent Markets, where the products of women's cooperatives and local unions are offered for sale, is increasing day by day.

Başkent Market, whose 4th branch was recently opened in Kızılay after Etimesgut, Mamak-Şafaktepe and GİMAT, opened its fifth branch at Kazım Karabekir Caddesi No: 70/2 upon high demand.

Halk Ekmek General Manager Hüseyin Velioğlu and ASKİ General Manager Erdoğan Öztürk opened the Başkent Market ASKİ branch, where 10 products were sold at affordable prices by 682 cooperatives, five of which were founded by women, and three producer unions.


Halk Ekmek General Manager Hüseyin Velioğlu, who stated that they both support local producers and provide employment and bring together economic and natural products with citizens without intermediaries, made the following statements:

“Our Mansur president had an ideal, there will be nobody left hungry and open in Ankara and rural development will be achieved. We want to have local products produced by farmers in Ankara and present them to consumers. This is a very important application. Cooperatives were not very active in previous years. Cooperatives have become active thanks to the struggle we have been waging for 1,5 years. We are actively working with 5 women's cooperatives. The number of employment in cooperatives has also increased. More than 650 items of our products are on the shelves. We have very special products, in addition to these, we bring together 85 items of Halk Ekmek's with Ankara residents at Başkent Market. We paid approximately 9 million lira to our cooperatives in 15 months. We are taking rapid steps together in line with the local, rural development goals of our Mansur president. We are working for our citizens to reach affordable, natural and healthy food under pandemic conditions. "


While the Public Bread Factory aims to increase the number of Başkent Markets even more, Başkent Market continues to get full marks from Ankara residents and local producers with the hygienic environment and confidence it provides as well as affordable products:

-Dr. Figen Ar (Afşar Bala'm Women's Initiative and Head of Business Cooperative): “Our cooperative is located in Bala district of Ankara. We produce products with minimum carbon footprint and zero waste principle. We, as women's cooperatives, are very happy with the opening of Başkent Markets. It has a very important role in reflecting rural women's labor to the economy. We would like to thank my dear president Mansur, our General Manager of Halk Ekmek, Hüseyin and his team. "

-Ahmet Öztürk (Head of Kahramankazan Agricultural Plain): “Thank you very much for the support our President Mansur gave to the cooperatives. In this way, while providing services directly from the producer to the consumer for the development of the cooperatives, it is held by the domestic producers. "

-Yusuf Donmez: “I am coming to Başkent Market for the first time. Liked it very much. We thank our President Mansur for this service. However, we demand that the number of markets increase and be in every district of Ankara. "

-Sehriban Çatak: “Nice service. I am very pleased and liked it very much. Thank you very much Mr. Mansur for his good thought. "

-Murtaza Tekeoglu: "I liked it very much. Mansur, we are very pleased with our president and his services. I see it safe, Capital Market. "

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